Destiny raid interest/sign up for 6/29-30

Taking into consideration the semi success the attempt a spire of stars was, who will be looking to repeat or possibly complete a raid this weekend @destinyplayers?

Please let us know which raid you’d prefer also which night. And keep in mind the spire group was 370+ and had some struggles.

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I’d like to make a run on any of them. Spire would be fun but non of us know the mechanics that well. However, we have company in town…so I won’t be on till later. If you are already running now sweat, but if you have a drop or need a fill let me know.

Sounds good.

Not sure what my weekend schedule looks like, things are kinda fluid now.
Friday is probably out, Saturday is a huge question mark, but I imagine I’ll be home streaming.

I’m happy to provide an able bodied fighter to fill a spot on the fireteam to reduce the number of LFG timmies that may be needed.
If you see me online and need a spot filled, feel free to invite me. (even if I’m in another party and not playing destiny)

No reason to give priority to me over someone else who really wants a spot and hasn’t done it before, but I would like to Raid.

It’s one of the few activities I still enjoy in Destiny. That and PVP.
Primary preference is EOW
Secondary option - OG Levi

Destroyer and I are a maybe Friday night. If we make it probably be up for an EOW run or two. We are both out Saturday.

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I am interested. I have never done a raid before so expect sausage fingers and potato moves. I will be probably be online. Message me even if I am playing something else. GT: YggBjorn

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Sounds good!! Both nights?

I hope to be on both nights (that’s a maybe and don’t wait for me)…I would lean on Argos tonight if we can…I’m on a dead run for a race (PUN) on Wednesday…logistics and such have impinged on my time so…now that @ezekielJP can officially run shit no worries…but i will try to be on

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I will definitely be on tonight and should be on tomorrow.

Friday Nigh Raids are Live!

I gotta do a better job of looking at the forums for this info. I get catch up with my kids and playing I forget about it. Summer break from work (teacher) I tend to stay away from anything laptop/desktop based all summer. Lol sorry y’all I’ll do a better job of it.

On a better note, nice job tonight on EoW raid. Took a little bit but we got it done. Catch y’all soon.

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Destroyer and I LFG’d the clan group and then the general population. Guiness gave up his spot graciously and @glacier24 was just a tad late to the party. Ran EOW. What dumb luck to get a great group. They were a lot of fun and killing machines. First raid took about 70 minutes and the second one about the same.

We are out tonight, gonna be partying at our campsite at Beechwood. Check my Facebook page for pics.

@SigMike02 you’re good bro.

On a side note I had a ton of fun last night!! Thanks to you @valiantvictory @ixL0N3W0LFxi @BrambledWhiskey @Zigography it was a good run and I’m looking forward to crushing it again tonight!

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Yea, I’m kinda fired up to run it with my Titan… pun intended.

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Thanks @ezekielJP I’ll run it again tonight if everyone is on again. Run my hunter. I’m hooked on this raiding thing. Have so much fun. I like help as much as I can to show I can do more than just point and shoot. I just get a bit to over hyped when I get going and forget others have their roles too to make it work.


3 runs in 3 days…good stuff guys…thanks for the good times


We’re getting really good at argos…how do you feel about taking a run at calus this weekend?

I’m open to getting good on calus too…

I would be interested in doing argos. I’m available all weekend.