Destiny Raids Farewell Tour 6/16



Let’s set up a Raid event for this Friday (6/16) @ 9:00 PM EST.

Featured Raid: TBA

Trying to confirm with those that showed interest in the previous thread. Please sign up in the forums if interested. Also, what raid would you like to do? Open to any of them.

Destiny Raids Farewell Tour - Vault of Glass - 6/2

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I’m down for whatever.

Need some @DestinyPlayers to sign up.

I’m going to be at work so I’m a no.

I am happy to be a late addition to this based on time zone.

Who hasn’t finished the following?
Vault of Glass?
Kings Fall?

Let us know

This one is for Xbox. But if you have it on a different system there may be others willing to play along.

In most cases it will be for Xbox. Ps4 is rebuilding and only has a few people, less than 10 active. PC is getting close to 50 people but we are unorganised(on purpose).

Currently most events are Xb1 or PC. I’d like to see that change but it’s pretty difficult without any PS4 members willing to step up and help. I would love to try and rebuild the PS4 side of GRG again and get a few PS4 Team leads. I just need to find people willing to oversee it the correct way.


I am down if you guys need someone Ra Darkman is my gt

I’m going to need someone from @DestinyPlayers group to step up and set this up for me. I’m not going to be home in time to get this started. My kid has a basketball tournament at St Joes university in center city Philly. Just got the schedule today and he’s got 2 Friday night games.

So, can anyone from @DestinyPlayers step up and run this? You’ll earn a GRG Gold Star. Thanks.

I might not be around all that late tomorrow for an entire Raid but I am happy to play Destiny with you if you’re playing through it / working toward better gear.

I think there are one or two others on PS4 that still play Destiny sometimes too (@hideouschud + @partho23 spring to mind).

Just tag the group @PlayStationPlayers if you are ever looking for one of us to play with, or hop into Discord and call out for whoever is online.

Edit: I’d say PS4 players are most likely to play Battlefield or Destiny together, otherwise we tend to play separately at the moment.

I have a feeling I’m going to be spending the next several days knee-deep in Stormblood. But once that penny starts to dull I will most probably head back to Destiny.

Unless Xur wants to bring me a shiny new scout rifle tomorrow…

I can get things going tonight if we have enough interested. It appears we only have 3 though. Myself, Radarkman, and shortbus will be available late.

Thanks for stepping up. I’m going to try and make it, but today is the first day of picking for a fast move, so we will see how I feel this evening.

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My plans have changed and I will be home tonight. The kids have us split up all weekend long and tonight is the only time the wife can see the oldest play Basektball. So she is taking him.

So, who is up for another Destiny raid? @DestinyPlayers

We need 3 volunteers. I don’t care what raids we do other than Crota. That one is lame.

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I will run it. It has been so long it will be like a new game.

Im out tonight. Maybe next week. Still haven’t done kings fall and WOTM.

We will have to try this again another week. Not enough people signed up to raid.