Destiny Raids Farewell Tour 6/23



Let’s set up a Raid event for this Friday (6/16) @ 9:00 PM EST.

Featured Raid: TBA

Trying to confirm with those that showed interest in the previous thread. Please sign up in the forums if interested. Also, what raid would you like to do? Open to any of them.

Destiny Raids Farewell Tour - Vault of Glass - 6/2

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As the Destiny Junkie that I am. I am in, but on later due to time difference.

I will throw the tag in here, because Lala forgot.

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I am in. My order of preference would be VOG, Wrath of the Machine, Crota, and the one I have yet to finish and would be less than useless, King’s Fall.

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I can probably do this Friday, if there is any interest from @PlayStationPlayers

Ah man, im outta town this weekend for a wedding. Rain check. Next weekend for sure!

Bump. We need 6 to raid. @DestinyPlayers

I’m in whenever today haven’t raided in a long time

We’re looking to run this Friday Night @ 9pm EST.

Oh, gotcha some other time then, I work until late tomorrow.

I’ll be a “loose” confirm. If i make 7, by all means I’ll sit.

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Man you’re always loose.
Work on those kegels yeah?


I can bring 3 to the party if this comes together on Xbox. We are all raid noobs though, if that matters.

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I will try to make it might be a little late. I missed Wednesday night because I ended up having to go back in to work.

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Damnit, I posted on the wrong thread. I meant to post here. Im down for any raids on PS4. PSN MohawkViking. I have a friend that should be down to do it as well if we dont come up with enough people.


We will likely be short since I think there’s less than 6 that even still play Destiny on PS4.

Then I doubt they can all make it.
Not heard from anyone else yet.

We can always go to LFM on or invite friends or something to fill out.

Preferences on which Raid?

Cool, looks like this is happening on the Xbox side.

I am in. Haven’t done any raids before. Have a lvl 40 hunter with ~250 light GT BrambledWhiskey

I should be on for tonight

I’ll be on tonight on Xbox one. Gt is MeanEnuendo. Send me an invite if we get a group. I’m willing to do any raid.

I will probably be up for a raid on PS4. I’ll be on after about 22 hours from now