Destiny Tuesday Reset


Join TexasReaperCrew for some Destiny action. Let’s get a full FT going (or 2) and see what kind of trouble we can get into. Crucible, strikes, CoE, raid…whatever. See ya there

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Reserving my spot right meow.

im down

I’m in.

I will be on between 8 and 9 eastern.

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Count me in. Just let me know what time.

I heard 9pmish

Ok I’ll be on around then.

@Sniper_T1 @Cptnkillr @APMech12 @Lala_Calamari @Grex

You guys wanna knock out final phase of Akshole tonight? Not sure if Halo night is a go tonight.

@DestinyPlayers a friendly reminder that tomorrow we will be throwing Iron Bananas at noobs!

I’ll be down for finishing the raid.

I’ll be around. Home from work with a bad cold so count me in.

I’ll be on at the usual, 9 BST.

WST isn’t acceptable right now, sorry

hmmm nixing Halo for Desinty. Tough call.

Also i am a maybe tonight as it is. will try and get on.

Lets finish this thing. LFG’d it last night for 2 hours and couldn’t finish it. Apparently I was the weak link and they all left. It is fast and furious and unforgiving of any mistakes.

Anyone wanna fill in for Grex? We’re at finally phase of Aksis.

count me in for Tuesday

Running tonight.

Join us for some Iron Banana tonight! There are also a few of us that haven’t beaten all of the raid, myself included. Hope you have a big backpack!

Glad to have you back around.

Bump. What are you guys interested in this week? I have no preference, so let me know what you taters wanna do

I’d like to work on my outbreak quest. But I’m up for whatever.