Detroit: Become Human [PS4] E3 Trailer

Still looking forward to this. Being from the Detroit area, it was cool to actually see the Detroit city skyline as well as some of Windsor’s. I hope this is heavily influenced by games like Heavy Rain and The Indigo Prophecy (Fahrenheit).


This game was a shocker. Looks great and I like that you can choose your own path. I will be keeping up with the news for sure.

Yeah I wasn’t expecting the narrative to be about choices like that. I wonder if that’s the whole game… or if that is one scenario or stage… gonna be a hard game to show without spolers

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Another PS4 game I’m looking forward to. Sometimes his stories get convoluted, but I really like what David Cage brings to gaming.

This game definitely intrigued me. I’m looking forward to it. I think the voice of the android kind of pulled me in. Then when they brought up the choices and alternate scenarios. HOOKED.

I would have preferred story driven with you as an android - they could have taken that somewhere really interesting.

They still could - I just find that the choice/dilemma scenarios play out in a very different gamestyle.
Usually more focus on your guilt through decision making rather than storyline. You know? It’s like, they leave you to create more story than they provide.