Devs here! New to GRG!

Hey guys,
New to GRG. I’m excited to get some raiding done in destiny.
My gamer tag is Devs Insomniac and I play on Xbox

Cya out there!!


Welcome to the community. See you playing the grind…err i mean Destiny.

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Oh yeah trying to get that solstice armor

welcome, yea there are quite a few of us working on the armor…I think i’m only going to do one character…little too much grind on this one

Welcome to Grg ol @valiantvictory is our destiny overlord it’s the only game he has heard of, he will get you sorted with the other destiny players there’s a lot of em here so you will fit right in

Welcome aboard! Destiny for now but borderlands soon!

Welcome to the community

Howdy, welcome the lovely little insane corner of gaming and if you ever see RuttedClown on, do not be afraid to hit me up.

Welcome devs.
I play on PS4 myself but there’s plenty of Xbox Destiny (2) types here.

Welcome to grg