Digital Download Question

If I order a digital download game can I install it on my XB1 and then log into my son’s (with my account) and install it there? I’m assuming I can.

Make your son’s Xbox your home Xbox. Whenever you download anything to your Xbox, it will automatically download to his.

This will also allow you both to play the same game at the same time and share Gold. Its how my house is set up but everything runs through my sons account.


What will that do to mine?

Nothing. You retain the right to play your games on any Xbox you sign into with your account. Anyone using your Xbox has access to your library on it

Cool, I’ll have to do it. I was going to buy Overwatch off Amazon but he likes the game as well (he’ll probably play it on pc but this way he’ll have options).

Yeah, it works out pretty good for us if I cant find a deal on a physical copy of a game we both want to play.

I dont have Battleborn, but we did have some problems with COD:AW. I was able to play the maps in the season pass but I couldnt use any of the cosmetic items or extra armory space my son bought. I figure worst case scenario you get 2 of the DLC but it still beats buying 2 copies of a game and to Live subscriptions.

My kid is already one step ahead of me and has this set up.


Regarding battleborn, I sharreally with my friend. I bought battleborn pass and I have all the dlc on my console (not primary) so dunno why some ppl say it doesn’t work… maybe it’s an Xbox thing