Division 1.8 non classified builds

With the release of the 1.8 update massive has brought Tom Clancy’s The Division back from the dead. From day one this game has been amazing. the graphics were superb, the story while short was good, and the pvp grind in the dark zone while sometimes rage inducing was adrenaline pumping. as time went the trolls started to really ruin the game. but now I feel the game has a very balanced feel back in it. the end game activities are so varied it has something for all player types.

That being said if you are like me and took a break from the game you are probably behind the curb. with the introduction of classified gear the game has taken another step. and now the grind to get the gear you need to compete is doubled. global events are now the way to get classified gear the best. but when not in a global event there are other ways. resistance mode. the underground, or farming the dz bosses and dz crates.

but to do these you need a decent build to manage these events and if you don’t have one or are looking to update you current build while on the hunt for classified gear. I figured I’d drop a few of my non classified builds and my high end build to help anyone out til they can get the classified build they want.

Alpha Striker: 3 pcs alpha bridge, 2 pcs striker, and ninja bike messenger bag.
the messenger bags new talent is:
Talent: NinjaBike messenger bag
Slots in with any equipped Gear Set item to fulfill a requirement towards unlocking a Gear Sets bonus. Can unlock bonuses from multiple sets simultaneously. Cannot unlock Classified Gear Set bonuses
This allows you to unlock 4 pc alpha and 3 pc striker all at the same time.
Weapons: two lightweight m4’s with responsive, fierce, competent, and unforgiving
roll your stats for your play preference. I am more stamina based but others may want more firearms.

second build is one I am currently testing but seems to do pretty good
Exotic ninja build: 1 pc striker, 1 pc sentry, 3 pcs nomad, and ninja bike messenger bag
weapons: Bullfrog exotic assault rifle, and The house Submachine gun
( if you don’t have these. light weight m4’s and navy mp5’s are good substitutes, or player preference)
striker 2 pc gives 20% stability, sentry 2 pcs gives 30 accuracy, and 4 pc nomad gives auto revive one time every four minute if receiving fatal damage.
again roll stats for player preference.

last is my high end build
specialized backpack, skull mc gloves(exotic), Barrett’s bullet proof vest(exotic), refreshed mask, short bow knee pads(exotic), and nimble holster.
you want to run booster shot skill and critical save talent. Booster shot skill give you a small heal and 15% weapon damage for 10 secs, critical save when using a medkit in last health bar receive 40% damage resistance for 10 secs. so you use a medkit and then hit booster shot for 10 secs of almost god mode. barrett’s bullet proof vest talents are: Increase skill power by 10% when no skills are on cooldown.
Increase damage by 5% when one skill is on cooldown.
Increase armor by 10% when both skills are on cooldown.

weapons: my preference is a lightweight m4 and navy mp5. but you can use what ever you are comfortable with.
again roll your stats to your play style.

I hope these help anyone along the way to getting their classified gear set of choice. Global Event #4 Ambush starts jan 23 thru jan. 30. this event is dropping alpha bridge, firecrest, tactician’s authority, and hunters faith classified pieces. i’ll be grinding all week and I will be hosting a fire team Saturday night 8 p.m. est for any who would like to join. I know @ReaperMan10 will be joining with me if we have enough we can split it up and run two teams. hope to see ya’ll out there on the grind

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Havent played in ages but I liked the original it just got boring real quick as i expected more from the base game and combat, for a tom clancy’s title, didnt feel familiar to its oher franchises.

Ive heard alot of positives recently though, More activities and a more expansive DZ, Going to dig it out again, take a look at the newer mechanics/modes introduced.

Not sure if you will have gear requirements for the fireteam but if I meet the grade, Count me in.


If you see me on before the 27th I am more then happy to help you gear up @Quadro. Keep an eye out for me. I am.usually on early in the morning or on the weekends. Also look up @ReaperMan10 he can help too. My tag is quantumklutz87

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Ok pal, Sweet. I will drop you a FR and see if we can link for a few games! Probably be on the weekend when we both on at the same time then bud.

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I have the full game with season pass. Loved it early but couldn’t get into the end game dark zone stuff. I will fire it back up and give it another go. Thanks for posting the tips.

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I’m back on the Division grind. Hit me up if you see me.

GT xxReaperMANxx10

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Ninja messenger bag and Barrett’s vest?? You’re killing me smalls!

I ran Lexington a million times and never got that fucking vest to drop. The game is evil like that.

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You can get it a lot easier now. Exotics can drop from any dz, LZ, or underground boss

Played just a bit last night to get familiar with the controls. Much improved, enemies seem less bullet spongy, dark zone improved. Will be playing more for sure.

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Lala talked about The Division last night on the cast and it sounds much improved. I plan on reinstalling it to check it out. The game was beautiful even on the day one though I would love if they enhanced it for the X.

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@DivisionPlayers Since I find myself with an unplanned day off, I decided to create a new toon. If anyone wants to join me, I will be running through the game from the beginning.

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I’ve decided to re-download this to see what’s what. My toon has hundreds of hours on the original game before any changes occurred with the game. Am I going to be able to jump in and change some gear and keep playing? Or are we talking a complete overhaul and respec?

This game hurt me like a first true love. I’m skeptical

So they added gear levels. Apparently I’m a 156. No idea if that’s good or not, and I see a new PvE area to explore.

I read that it’s similar to how Light Levels in Destiny work. What’s a decent enough Equipment level, and what’s the best way to attempt to level this up?

It is set by world tier. 234+ is world tier 5. The maxed out gear is 290

Set your world tier as high as you can stand. It’s 1-5 based on a gear score. Then start grinding all the daily and weekly rewards you can stand. The dark zone is better than it was. If you want to try any of the new stuff, hit me up I haven’t done much of it.

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Trying to figure out why I have the season pass yet it is telling me to purchase.

Never mind…forgot you have to “buy” it to purchase. After you put your purchase code in it says cost of 0

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Re-bought the game and will be back joinin’ ya’ll in the Dark Zone next week. Very much looking forward to it!


If I am looking in the right spot my gear score is 274.


Your gear score is about the same is mine. I haven’t been optimizing anything waiting on my classified gear to do that. Looks like you are running a high stamina and electronics