Division 2, Is It Too Late?

Had no interest in this initially. Needing to try a new game. Just wondering if I am too late to the show on this? Will I be too far behind everyone else? What game modes are most popular? Is GRG still playing this?

No, it’s not too late. There are still plenty of people playing and it wouldn’t take long to catch up.

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Was thinking about it as well, maybe, just not 100% sure if I wanted to drop cash on it as I have a few games in backlog.

Last week of school and the only thing I have been playing is Apex. Fun game but I really need something new to play when I am not feeling it.

Definitely not too late… and it’s a great game. I think we’ll always have some who are not maxed out but getting caught up doesnt take too long and with how they have normalizing, running with higher geared agents ensures you can still run with the group.

I think it’s worth a purchase. Shit, I already have like 6 days into it. I also got the full package so I’ll continue to play as DLC drops.

I was looking and trying to figure out exactly what i needed to buy. Base game, base game + 1 year pass or base game + 1 year pass + all digital content?

I just got base game… Here it goes… I’ll probably jump in late tonight to run thru things.

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