Division Beta Clips

Okay Folks. We are doing a Division Beta Roundtable for the next Reapercast and we need your clips.

Here are the topics we are looking for in clips. Keep them to under 2 mins.

  • Madison Square Garden Mission
  • Group of GRG roaming in PVE or PVP
  • Menu screens - have to move slowly through it
  • Group Dark zone figthing and loot extraction.

I only got one half-way decent clip from the Beta that actually recorded and not completely bugged out. Which I am sure we would rather not use so let’s see what you got. I am sure @LanceHung has some good ones since he apparently never put his controller down the entire beta.

Keep the format as you would make it for the normal reapercast if possible.


Here’s 2 hours of footage from Saturday night with @anon3687162 and @EvolveYourself. I’m going to trim some of this down, but I’ll throw it out here for now:

Group stuff. have any menu stuff, going through your inventory and the like. Also the map.

Don’t have any yet, but if I play tonight I’ll be running around the DZ. I’m sure I can acquire some footage. @Grex, why is your screen so red in the beginning of the video? You have full health.

its a bug. happened a lot to me the other night. Why i have shit for clips.

Updated the first post with topics of video clips that we need.