Division is pushed back to 2016

Shockingly, The Division is pushed back until 2016. Most likely Jan - March. I expect March. Who didn’t see this coming?

like mentioned in chat. Was thinking this was going to happen since they recently announced adding a new dev to the mix.

Yeah, that and Ubisoft probably wasn’t going to have two Clancy titles compete with each other this fall.

from Feb post:
"no fucking way division and R6 come out at the same time. why would anybody want that? everyone would be split about which one to play.

I want division. but i think R6 might omce out first since its MP only."

R6 is starting to sound like a MP only cash in. I understand the division is a big game, and they probobaly shouldnt have revealed it as soon as they did. i would LOVE to see a Feburary release since nothing really launches then.

Adding another developer into the mix recently would support this theory as well. Especially since the dev they added has worked on mostly MP development in the past.