Division Stream- Division Special Report

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This will air March 31st, 2pm EDT, 11am PDT
So be prepared for websites giving out info from this if you can’t watch it.


I am looking forward to what they have to say about the DZ. Would love to see them really bring in some mission and stuff.

So here are my notes from the stream. April 12th is when it comes out.


Be two difficulties. First difficulty recommend all level 31 gear. Next difficulty recommend a good set from first difficulty. Believed they said hard then challenging.

They claim it’s much harder than challenging dailies. That builds and synergy will really matter. They showed some clips of the incursion and without giving anything away looks like we’ll be seeing some new things. And the room they showed was really interesting. Needless to say I can’t wait to try it. Pretty much a harder story mission it appears to be. But almost wonder if it’ll all happen in one room.

There is a weekly reward for doing an Incursion once a week but you can do an Incursion as many times as you want and still get some rewards.

New Gear
There will be new weapons and gear.

Gear sets which is like a new rarity is colored lime green from what I saw. The gear does not have individual talents like high-end does. Does have a really strong talent if you have so many pieces from that set, believe they said four. Gear sets are made around pushing a certain build. 3 sets you can get from mostly Incursions, challenge mode and crafting (might want to save some Phoenix Credits, not sure). Talked about one being based on precision aiming. Another one based on strong assault. Third one they didn’t want to give much away.

4th gear set that you can only get from DZ, they didn’t really give any details on it.

DZ content

So the new DZ content which we have heard about is supply drops. Supply drops come roughly every hour somewhere in DZ, there will be powerful enemies protecting it, and the stuff you get out of it is not contaminated. So if your team gets supply drop whatever they get is yours and theirs. Everybody can see Supply Drop on map.

If this doesn’t make people go rogue on each other for loot I don’t know what will. I like this idea.

Trading System
A little odd this one. You have two hours to be able to drop an item to group mates, you don’t actually trade directly to them. So somebody else that the item is not intended for can grab it. Cannot do in Dark Zone.

Daily Assignments
If you played Destiny you know what Bounties are, Division is getting something similar. Daily Assignments will be on mission segment of your map. They’ll have different themes like crafting, DZ, and open world combat. (Think Kill so many cleaners).

Rewards will be things like Phoenix Credits and Division Tech that were mentioned,

Final Notes
Showed in the video players didn’t say level 30 next to themselves on group list. It has now changed to gear score.

There are more details I’m sure sites will be putting up but this is just the notes I made as quickly as I could as they dished out info. I’m glad to see they are adding a little something to every part of the game to give it a little refresh.


Adding to this if you expecting Destiny raids from incursions I don’t think we are getting them, in fact I believe they said no checkpoints. But I do believe they’ll be challenging content none the less.

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hmmm. no checkpoints. Normally RAIDs get checkpoints due to the time they think it will take a normal team to compelte it. I am guess this wont be that long time wise and simliar in length to what we have already seen.

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Players of Ubisoft and Massive Entertainment’s Tom Clancy’s The Division may have noticed a new symbol that’s appeared on the big map recently towards the bottom-right corner of the map. Hovering over it reveals it to be the new and incoming “Incursions” that will be included in a free update. Ubisoft has revealed the details for what goodness is to come with the Incursions as well as a few other features too.

Specifically designed for squad play, Incursions will add a new endgame activity for those who have nailed rank 30 and are patiently waiting for the next fix of new content. The new endgame activity will reward successful teams with high-level loot. Not happy with the loot you’ve just found? No worries! The new update will also enable players to trade loot and swap items with your squadmates.

The first Incursion is called “Falcon Lost” and will take agents underground in a yet-to-be discovered underground water-treatment facility that the Last Man Battalion has transformed into a stronghold for themselves. There’s plenty of other changes with the update too including rare gear sets, assignments, a new ability for enemies, and plenty more:

• New gear is a vital centerpiece of Incursions, which introduces four rare gear sets: Sentry’s Call, Striker’s Battle Gear, Path of the Nomad, and Technician’s Authority. Each set is meant to bolster a specific play style; Sentry’s Call promotes consistent precision, Striker’s Battle Gear is for assault-focused players, and so on. Finding and equipping four pieces from a single set unlocks a new, never-before-seen talent for your Agent, which the developers aren’t revealing yet.

• Agent level is still capped at 30, but your gear score can boost your abilities beyond your level, and are touted as a new way of leveling up for top-level players.

• Loot trading is now possible; if you get good loot, you can now drop it on the ground and make it available to other players in your group. In the Dark Zone, you can only drop loot inside the Dark Zone gate.

• Assignments are new tasks – killing 10 Cleaners, for example – that are meant as brief, optional side goals that update daily and can earn you Phoenix Credits, Division tech, and other rewards.

• Supply drops will periodically fall from the sky in the Dark Zone, giving you and other groups something to battle over. They’re also protected by tough enemies, but the loot doesn’t need to be extracted, as it’s uncontaminated, and can’t be stolen once acquired.

• When your Agent dies, you can now camera-follow your teammates, seeing what they see and offering tactical support.

• Falcon Lost has two difficulties: Hard mode, which is recommended for players whose gear score is equivalent to level 31; and challenge mode, which is even tougher. Also, there aren’t any checkpoints in Falcon Lost; if your team goes down, you’ll have to restart from the beginning. Additionally, you can replay Falcon Lost and other upcoming Incursions as many times as you want and still be rewarded with new loot.

• Enemies can now employ drones, aerial enemies that will be tricky to hit. You’ll also be pitted against an armored personnel carrier, which acts as a boss and is impervious to bullets, forcing you to find another way to deal with it.After all is said and done with the Incursions update, “Conflict” will be next in line and will add a “special incursion” into New York’s Columbus Circle. There will also be new Dark Zone features but further details on this are yet to be announced. The three paid DLC expansions are still in the pipeline and Ubisoft has also revealed that Xbox One players will get 30-day exclusive access to “Underground” and “Survival”. “Last Stand”, “Incursions” and “Conflict” will all release at the same time across all available platforms.

The “Incursions” update will hit The Division on April 12th.

Path of the Nomad isn’t in Incursion, that is the one you can only get in DZ.

Edit: guess this article don’t tell you where you get the gear though, just says vital to incursions which hard to say if that’s true. I’ll just lot of expectations I was hoping for this game have faded into darkness. I still enjoy the game but wish more was there.
The other 3 according to stream pieces can be got from challenge mode, crafting, and incursions.

I decided I’m going to save all my Phoenix credits until this update is released in case anything new we can buy. If anything I’ll find random gear that suits my build more. And use recalibrate to fit my build more for incursions using Phoenix credits.