Division Weekly Vendor Reset March 4th


There are some good buys at the vendors for those that are level 40. Easy way to get some quality geare.

Here’s a cool site that’s updated weekly. Has items stats and location:


Simple Cheat Sheet

Base of operations vendor

  • offensive systems firearms mod
  • improved sticky payload mod

Clan Vendor

  1. Burn Out - 10% headshot damage - Named Gun
  2. Pick up 3 green items
  3. Police T821
  4. Tactical MK16 - God roll assault rifle damage pick up for library
  5. NBC gloves Ceska Vyroba 15% weapon Damage
  6. Offensive mode 4.7% crit chance

Campus Settlement

  • Military L86 - low rolls but has frenzy (good for weapon re-calibration library??)

Dark zone west vendor

  • Reyes Combat Gloves
  • Striker’s Kneepads

Dark Zone East Vendor

  • Striker’s Mask
  • Striker’s Holster

Dark Zone South vendor

  • Striker’s Harness Chest

Haven Settlement

  • Nothing crazy

Roy Benitas Vendor Haven

  • Nothing crazy


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Cassie Mendoza has some God roll items that you should buy to at least add to your Recalibration library.