DMZ Update from Todays Blog Post

Warzone 2 Season 2 DMZ seasonal refresh

After the update goes live, players’ Faction mission progress and inventory will be reset, including all contraband items and keys. So, you’ll have to hop back into DMZ and start your progress again.

Thankfully for players who were worried about a total progress wipe, the devs confirmed that “Insured Weapon Slots and permanent unlocks are here to stay.”

The seasonal DMZ refresh will consist of:

  • Contraband Weapon Inventories will be rolled back to the starting weapons.
  • Key Inventories will be emptied.
  • Faction Missions and mission progress will be reset to make room for an updated mission set that incorporates all Exclusion Zones.

Once again, the devs clarified that “Insured Weapons Slots unlocked through previous Faction Mission progress will not be reset. However, if you did not unlock an additional Insured Slot in Season 01, the new Season 02 requirements to do so should take much less time.”

Warzone 2 Season 2 DMZ new Exclusion Zone & locations

DMZ will receive a third Exclusion Zone in the update, which is the new Ashika Island Resurgence map. This means that players will have a new option to choose from when deploying in the Escape from Tarkov-inspired game mode.

So, you’ll be able to hop into either Al Mazrah, Building 21, or Ashika Island. The Faction Mission refresh will give you new missions to complete across these destinations.

Ashika Island

warzone 2 ashika island castle POI

Ashika Island’s Castle POI in Warzone 2.

When players infiltrate Ashika Island they will begin on the map’s shores before moving inland to continue their exploration. Players will have to look out for the occupying force on Ashika Island: Shadow Company.

DMZ players can find a new Weapon Case, and a new Boss called the Bombmaker on Ashika Island.

Building 21

In Season 2 new missions will have DMZ players returning to Building 21 as one of three Exclusion Zone options. As usual, Operators will face heavy resistance as they enter Building 21.

Al Mazrah

Last but not least, Al Mazrah will remain in all of its glory as players continue to explore the map. Players can expect “updated intel indicating including the crash of an unknown aircraft at the Sattiq Cave Complex.

In addition, some spawn points across Al Mazrah will undergo changes to improve the early match experience for DMZ players.

The goal is to make squads feel less isolated when spawning away from loot and contract opportunities. The devs revealed that they “also made changes to exfil, boss and dead drop locations across Al Mazrah.”

New DMZ Crown faction

A fourth faction called Crown is joining DMZ in Season 2. Crown is a British-based group that is heavily shrouded in mystery.

According to the devs, “Modern Warfare 2 owners will also have access to mission orders” from the Crown faction.

Warzone 2 Season 2 DMZ difficulty tuning

Season 2 will also change up the enemy and mission difficulty so that AI enemies no longer overwhelm players. This will be accomplished through adjustments to the types and number of enemy spawns as well as their accuracy at range.

The Faction Mission difficulty will also be changed in Warzone 2 Season 2 so that players are able to complete them with greater ease.

Warzone 2 Season 2 DMZ crash fixes

The developers promised to also address the issue of game crashes when playing Warzone 2’s DMZ mode.

“We know crashes are especially impactful in DMZ if you lose your items and Contraband Weapons as a result. Addressing these crashes is a priority for Season 02, and we are committed to increased stability.”

The future of Warzone 2 DMZ

According to the devs, they hope to bring more changes to DMZ in order to adjust the mode while it’s still in Beta. They hope that feedback can continue to shape the future of DMZ.

They also confirmed that not every seasonal update will bring a refresh: “We do not intend to apply a mission refresh every season. Instead, we’re excited to try different approaches each season to continually improve the DMZ experience.”