Do you care about staying fit / healthy?

If so, how do you do it?

Weights machines or similar at home?
Or out and about, doing activities?

Personally I hate gyms and don’t have the discipline to just use machines.
I prefer doing some sort of physical activity.

Started indoor climbing several months ago and I’m probably in better shape now than I have been in years.
I can even do a few pull-ups now, which was a notable achievement and a stage I really wanted to get to.

By the way, this is what I mean by indoor climbing.


I consider myself a fit person. I like to do Obstacle course runs (Spartan, Rugged Maniac, etc…) so i am basically focused on running and being able to lift my own body.

I’m 2nd from right.

I generally workout at home, Run outside (treadmill on shitty days), use a pull bar and a multiset of dumbbells/barbell. Anyone else into these and got any good workouts other than doing 10 million Burpees. Looking into finding a good rock climbing workout.

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I just started trying to be healthier. I don’t exercise, not on purpose anyway. I just try to eat well and keep myself around 190. Any time I am over 200 I feel like shit.

I started to loose the weight by doing Herbal Life shakes for lunch, and cutting out bread and sweetened drinks like Tea. Now I have about 3 shakes a week and eat lots of proteins, and green veggies the rest of the time. Mostly big salads with grilled Brussels sprouts and onions with steak,chicken, or pork.

I do cheat. I will eat a couple of mini peanutbutter cups or and order of fries here and there. I know exercise is important but I have zero motivation for it.


Hot, sweaty chicks in spandex should be all the motivation you need.

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I swear my knees hurt if I try to do sustained running.
Also, I find it dull as fuck.

I also switched onto Huel shakes in the last couple of months, for several reasons, of which health was one.
Several people have since said that I’ve lost weight, though I didn’t really keep track before so I don’t know.

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Dude I am over chicks. There is only one I care about. If it don’t work out with her I am single for the long haul. Women don’t motivate me to do anything anymore.

Now if you attached a Xbox or pc to a treadmill and made a VR DayZ type game then we are talking.


I kind of want to train up for one of those - though I dislike running and wouldn’t be trying to set any great times, more for the satisfaction of completing the obstacle course.

I don’t really do any specific workout for climbing, just a little warmup before and stretching out afterward.
I just try to start with easy routes and then challenge myself with harder problems as I go.

Nintendo Wii started down that route.

VR could really take it much further, though it might be easier (also more expensive and less accessible) to go to one of those big empty rooms for it.

$20 gym membership to Planet Fitness.

It all started when my wife started lightly working out for her fire fighter job. She started toning up nicely and here I was with a mini beer belly and no energy on weekends.

I jumped in head first by cutting out all soda and almost all sugar then started hitting the gym. Started to feel a lot better and not so self conscious about my image. Wife is much happier too. :smile:

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I don’t use it enough but have the benefit of having a gym and weight room on campus to use when I want. I tend to use the basketball court rather than the weight room or treadmills.

I abuse the hell out of my gym. I’m the person they don’t make money on. I’m there every other day if there’s a muscle group I can work on that isn’t sore from 2 days ago.

My shoulders are still screaming from 2 days ago so it’s Abs tonight.

I have the $10.00 plan. I know people hate on the place but it’s cheap and right around the corner from me.

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Issue with mine being free is the lack of what motivates rabb and lala when there.

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I don’t know why people hate on it. I’m quite happy with it.

They probably hate the year contract and the part about having to write in to cancel. I’ve used another local gym that was the exact same way.

I lift heavy shit all day, and walk non stop. My cardio sucks but I’m strong for a little guy. Too tired to hit the gym afterwards. I do miss sparring occasionally

Yeah i dont run for times. I just run with friends to do the course.

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I actually started eating right and going to the gym 6 or 7 days a week in late February. I stopped drinking and i have lost 50 lbs since last week of February. Feels good to be healthy.


I think it’s due to not having a lot of free weights. Price wise and location really work for me. I’m happy with my place.

Nutrition wise I follow the keto/primal philosophy. Low carb, moderate protein, and then eat higher fat to satisfy. Try to stay in less than 25g of carb most days but let myself get up to 50 if I want craft beer or anything. Lot of veggies ( mainly broccoli and cauliflower), eggs, and meat (mostly bacon and chicken thighs). Lost around 40 pounds since last September.

On the exercise side for cardio I distance run a couple days a week. Take it slow and keep HR at around 153. That equation is 180-your age. Then I will do hill sprints once a week, bike a little, and take the baby for a walk. Winter time I do the elliptical.

I do the strong lifts 5x5 plan right now. Mostly just do big movements like squats, deadlifts, presses, and rows. Also like to throw the kettle bell around a little.

I would really like to try doing jiu jitsu but it is too expensive right now. I have been thinking about getting into yoga for a lighter day.