Do You Feel You Need to Adjust Your Controller Settings for Warzone?

A Reddit user has put together the controller settings for 33 of Warzone’s best players, so now you can try out pro players’ settings for yourself and see what works for you.

Choosing the best controller settings in Warzone is difficult; you can spend hours tinkering in a private match to find what feels the most comfortable. Usually, pro players and content creators have found the perfect settings, allowing them to win thousands of dollars in tournaments.

While an individual pro player’s settings may not be perfect for you and your playstyle, a generous Reddit user has put together the controller settings for 33 of Warzone’s best.

Here’s the full list and how you can use it to find the perfect controller settings.

Reddit user Taiizor has created a list of the controller settings for 33 of the best Warzone players and content creators. This list details their deadzone, sensitivity, sensitivity multiplier, and how their sensitivity is affected by the multiplier.

As this list proves, there are no controller settings that are one size fits all. Every player has their own preferences, but there are lessons to be learned from this list.

One of the most interesting aspects is that most high-level players use the Dynamic Aim Response Curve. Dynamic allows your aim to speed up slightly when initially moving the thumbstick, which allows for fine aim control and quick target transitioning.

Dynamic is the recommended setting for skilled players, but you can always use Standard like NICKMERCS and JGOD: it all depends on what you’re most comfortable with.

For sensitivity, the average vertical and horizontal sensitivities amongst pro players are 7.6 . You should set your sensitivity to 6 or 7 to start and adjust it higher or lower until you feel the most comfortable. It’s also worth noting that almost every pro player sets their vertical and horizontal sensitivity to be the same, so it’s worth bearing this in mind when choosing your settings.

The ADS sensitivity multiplier shows a trend relating to how high the top player’s normal sensitivity is. Generally, those that use a high sensitivity (10 or upwards) have a much lower ADS multiplier. This allows them to look around the map and switch targets quickly but gives them fine aim control at range.

Those with the average sensitivity tend to use a multiplier anywhere between 0.8 and 1, as the transition from moving to ADSing will be less jarring.

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