Do you like new Xbox One Dashboard ?

After testing this dashboard for some weeks , I have grown to like it so much better then the old one but still believe that the Xbox 360 dashboard was so much better . What do you think about the new layout ?

So far so good. Haven’t tested it too much tho. Wouldn’t want to stress it out

There’s a new dashboard? Can’t tell the difference, maybe it hasn’t downloaded yet.

I do. The main things I use, my friends list, is quicker to get to and use.

Do you auto update or use manual ? Also some may have to do a controller update with your headphones attached to controller via cable connection to the Xbox .

It’s a lot faster than the old UI. Just bringing up your Friends list was painful.

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Yeah. The biggest thing for me is also the friends list. So easy to bring up and start a party. Or invite to games now.

Downside. Getting to the full list of games and apps was a bit harder to figure out where it was.

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It’s alright so far

I like the new look just need to adapt to the new set-up shouldn’t take to long.

Yeah I was a little strange about it at first but when I started grouping up with people I noticed how quick party came up I was a happy man.

I’m liking it. It seems smoother and definitely faster and easier navigating parties and friends

I’m starting to like it. Much better layout then the old one.

I verbally shut my Xbox off and turn it on when using. Each time I turn it on I receive an error code that I close and everything works fine. Anybody else have this issue?

Is there a way to see who’s in peoples parties anymore? You used to be able to view who people were partied up with, I can’t find that now.

Not right now, but I read recently It will come with next months update.

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That sucks. I really liked that feature.

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