Doc Dempsey on PS4

Hey all, Anyone on PS4 playing COD or Destiny please send me a friend invite (Doc_Cillax) also love playing ZOMBIES


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Welcome Doc! I am still playing COD, at least until the division comes out. PSN:DaKlown4Life
Your PSN seems familiar were you part of GRG previously?

Yep sir, Been playing Xbox one with GRG for years.

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Sweet! Thanks for the invite. I’ll be on tomorrow night…

Welcome back? PSN: DuvalFunk


Hey Doc, why the switch? Don’t blame you, thought about running two consoles too.

Hey Sniper, Just wanted to play some games that are only on PS4. I still have my xbox one.

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Let’s kill some zombies when the new maps come out.

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Welcome to the shit show!

Psn: cridkid
Xbone: cridlander
Steam: cridlander

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