Dollar Flu Friday 2/16

Calling all Agents and Rogues, join me in the streets of New York on Friday!

The Division has been picking back up with recent updates and I know it has me hooked. If this gets some interest and traction we can make this a regular Friday event. There is plenty of new gear and exotics so squad up GRG and get your grind on!

Whether you want to run around the streets doing missions and leveling up your lowbie or you want to head into the DZ and try your luck with the Rogues or you want to do some PVP there is plenty The Division has to offer.

Date: Friday 2/16
Start Time: 7:00PM CST
End Time: Till we fall out
Platform: PS4


@PlayStationPlayers let me know who is interested. I will have a party going throughout the night.

I have been running with some cool dudes so don’t think that if I am already in a squad that I won’t get in a game with you. These guys are down to help and so am I!


You bet your sweet arse I’m going to be jumping on and grinding some Division with the cool kids


Good times last night with @LudwigVonTokkenTakke running around in the DZ. We only got jacked once and made some good calls to high tail it away from extraction zones when the rogues decided to crash the party. He got a couple pieces of classified gear so not a bad haul for a night.


Yeah, the paranoia from when I would solo DZ in the early days did help keep us alive during some pretty scary encounters. Shame we got ganked at the end but, tis the nature of the DZ, only trust people in your group.

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I will look to continue this Friday event tonight for any interested. Lets get those classified sets and wreck havoc on the streets of NY.

I will have a party started around 7PM CST.

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@DivisionPlayers who are also @PS4Players.

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