Don't Starve PS4 deal

If anyone is interested Don’t Starve: Console Edition is on sale on PSN for $4.49(regularly $14.99). This is a deal because on September 13th they are releasing the Don’t Starve mega pack on PSN for $26.99.

The mega pack comes with Don’t Starve, Reign of Giants expansion, shipwrecked expansion, a couple themes, and the newly released Multiplayer expansion Don’t Starve Together (up to 6 players). However if you already own Don’t Starve you get the mega pack for $10.49. So you can get all the stuff for a total of $15 if you buy Don’t starve while its on sale on PSN. I have already picked this up as i have Don’t Starve on my Ipad already and have been wanting to try the multiplayer expansion out. It might be a good community night fuck off game

Note: I don’t know if there is an ongoing sale on Xbox or if Xbox is even getting this, if anyone does than make sure to post it in a reply

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