Double "Rainbow (all the way) 6 Siege" on Thursday/Saturday Night Live!

It is time!
The beginning of the Rainbow is right here!
Do you want to follow GRG on this new quest?
Get the pot of gold that is at the end of the Rainbow 6?

Then Siege up with us on Thursday Night and Saturday Nights to fuck up some ISIS-Plebs!
Saturday Nights include some drinking and a 100% cursing boost in voice!

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Good to see someone is still playing this. I was a big fan. If it was Xbox I would join. Enjoy the evening.

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I still play this at times. Was on last week trying to learn new operators its been a while

Bunny…I still have this on the XB1…so if we do a throwback day…just saying

I might be down for that. I haven’t touched any operator after the Canadians came out. Some Terrorist Hunt would be fun for a warm up.

Edit: actually it was just after the American operators. I can’t remember their names.

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I have a BDO event starting in an hour…you wanna jump now for some action?

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I’m at a family BBQ and baseball this evening or I would. I’ll have to take a raincheck.

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No worries, i understand all that. Have the BBQ surprise B-Day happening tomorrow afternoon here lol.

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Alright, anyone on for tonight?

Cant tonight I have one of the many graduations parties for the next few weeks. :disappointed:

I’ve started replaying this the last couple of weeks, so I am down

I picked this up kinda randomly. Always heard pretty good things so I figured why not give it a try. I’m down to play sometime this week. Got a game of terrorist hunt or whatever in and it was pretty fun. Tater squad assemble!

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