Dragon Bones DLC released for consoles!

Just a little reminer to everyone playing ESO. Dragon Bones released and its got a ton of fun new things to do in game. Patch itself was about 39gb. With this patch we see our skill adviser and 2 new dungeons, with decent amount of story to them. Ill be seeing ya’ll online.


I have yet to touch any of the dlc. I have so much left to explore.

The base game has so much content.

Lol there is probably TOO much content. Trick is, find one you like and stick to it. Mainly for how the quest items look and the story.

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Another feature I completely forgot about is the Outfitter system that has been implemented with this new dlc! Finally we get to make our characters look less like a potato.


Been waiting for this. Won’t be able to play it until tomorrow but it looks damn good.

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I didn’t see how the outfitter system worked. Is that stuff that you’re able to craft? Or stuff you have had to break down? How do you choose styles.

Havent used it yet, once I do ill explain it but I believe its more like a skin any armor into what youve gotten before.

Also, house storage!

I ran through one of the new dungeons tonight. I really enjoyed this one. It had a bunch of different boss mechanics I haven’t seen in the game yet. They’ve included then in the Undaunted Pledge lineup.

This asshole was pretty brutal though. 173k dmg

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holy shit 173K. ouch.

I gotta try this, havent been able to dive into it. Ive been watching vids and it looks pretty intense.

At what level do I have to be to run the doctor dungeons? I’m almost 48 on my healer and I need to figure out an armor set and start running dungeons for it. Of course that would require me to google all that so …

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Doctor dungeon? DLC dungeons.

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Level 45 I believe. Or maybe that’s just for Pledges. I was playing with a level 19 last night.