Dragon Knight Build - Helping Lala's build

I’m looking at gearing up and getting skill points for my newly level 50 Dragon Knight. I took advantage of the 100% XP boost (along with an added 50% XP boost) and power leveled this character to 50. Now I need to start focusing on gear and skill points.

The build I’m looking at running is a Sword & Board, Greatsword build from Alcasthq.com. It’s tanky DPS made for PvP as I really enjoy running around in Cyrodill. The build is called Stamina Dragonknight PvP Build “Draugr”.

I’m working on earning more skill points. I think I’m going to schedule a few skyshard runs and even some quick leveling nights. That’s a long term thing.

I’m also looking at gearing this guy up. I figured the crafted Shacklebreakers shouldn’t be too hard to get. One question I have is: What’s the fastest way to get materials? I’m not sure what a stack costs and I’m not sure I have enough mats to turn items into Epic. Any farming techniques? The treasure maps? Or just buy from a Guild trader (most likely where I’ll go).

Anyway this is the gear I want:

Here’s a list of the mats I’ll need. I didn’t pick a style at the moment. Not too worried about that.

Here’s the link to the website I used to determine what was needed.


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Good stuff Lala, thanks! I have been out of the ESO mix for awhile and trying to grasp this all again now that I am getting back into it. I need to start tracking and reading up on a lot of this as I get overwhelmed at times on what to keep, where to go, am I building my toon correctly or what I think will work. So I could def use any advice as well.

Randomize problem solved.

Do the main story as well. You’ll receive skill points for every quest completed. Unfortunately I know very little about PvP builds.

I’d take a loot at some end game builds and try to figure out what you want. Start a thread with what you want and we’ll help guide you through it. Make sure to add what class and race you are. And give us what your play style is and what type of content you want to hit. PvE, PvP, dungeons or whatever.

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I’m usually on in the late afternoon to early evenings as well. I can help you grind for gear in over world bosses and Undaunted dungeons. If it’s craftable, we can get you set up.

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You need to do vet dungeons to get the dungeon items and monster helm in purple, right?

Yes. Shoulders you can get from the dungeon or the Undaunted chests. Helms are vet only. Depending which vet dungeon you need, I can tank it. The DLC dungeons and White Gold Tower are a no, and we need to hope we get a solid healer or were fucked.

I don’t usually buy mats unless doing writs and low. I always get a lot of rubedite ore from Wrothgar and Coldharbour. The continuing motif event extended till April 23 has netted bunch of raw material and ingots. Unfortunately for AD Sotha Sil is now all red; this is where I do quests in Cheydnehall on 9 diff toons.

That hulk draughr is easy to get in Direfrost. If you only need 1 piece Domihaus, can use shoulder. I use the 1 piece for max stam/mag.

I actually have all the mats for the rubedite ingots and sanded ruby ash. I need to verify leather. I also have all the rest of the materials.

Doubt I’d spend the time getting these items to legendary. I’m worried that I may have to switch things up at Summerset.


The necklace? I need Drauger Hulk. I can easily afford it with AP as I have a ton on my NB and Sorc.

Not sure if that’s the complete list or not. Never been to this vendor but might be worth checking out.

I was looking at some more builds and I think I’m going to look at switching out Draugr Hulk (at least for now) to Seventh Legion. I can purchase the Seventh Legion gear and at least be viable.

I found this build on https://dottzgaming.com that I’m going to use for the time being (or I may switch to it depending on how I like it). It’s essentially the same build just replaces the Draugr Hulk. Skills all line up. I will have to look at Champion Points and see how they line up.

I just really need some decent gear and a few extra skill points so I can head into Cyrodiil and earn Vigor.

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I’ve switched up a bunch of things for this build. I wanted to at least get into all purple gear and get 2 sets going.

Right now I’m running a mix of Shacklebreaker and Seventh Legion. I had to change a bit from above as ESO’s Guild Trader system sucks balls (one of my 2 complaints about the game) and had to use what I could find. Thanks to @ezekielJP for crafting some pieces for me (I sent him mats and nudes).

I also put on all purple Epic Stamina glyphs for armor. I just can’t spend the 20+k on Prismatic glyphs or yellow glyphs at the moment I have the cash but I’m not sure how locked into this build and the Yellow glyphs would wipe out all my funds. Plus, everything will probably change for Summerset.

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I can craft glyphs. Just need kuta and hekeijo for prismatic defense. Other gold glyphs are cheaper and just need kuta. Kuta usually runs 5k and hekeijo is 10-15k

I’ll see. I wasn’t sure I wanted to blow 7500 for the standard gold glyphs and 22k -25k for the Prismatic. At least not yet.

The Epic / Purple were only 1500 - 2000. Figured I’d start there and see how that goes.

I’m still working on this build. Mainly Skill points. I need a lot more to make things right. Plus I’d like to get provisioning up as well.

Right now I’m running a mix of Shacklebreakers and Seventh Legion. The armor has all Purple Stamina glyphs as I wasn’t paying 7500 for yellow stam glyphs and 25k for prismatics. The jewelry is all purple as well and follow the 2nd build (2 Weapon Damage and 1 Stam). Weapons also follow the 2nd build (Poison, Stam, Disease) and are all purple.

I spent a few hours in Cyrodiil tonight trying to get a feel for the build. It was rough as Cyrodiil was the laggiest I’ve ever seen it which is a real shame. I love this game mode but it’s a mess. The lag calmed down after a bit but it’s nowhere near as good as Guild Wars 2 World vs World.

Initial thoughts are this build is pretty tanky. I’m able to leap into zergs and kill people while tanking all the damage. This is a really hard build to kill. Not doing the damage I’d like yet but the lag made things a lot harder than it should of been.

I’ll post up what I currently have later.

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You’re on the right path. Good shit. What set weapons do you need for this build to keep pace in raids?