Drang / Strum Quest

I’m in the process of finishing out the Drang / Strum quest line. I’m sort of stuck on a part of it. I need to kill 10 yellow Fallen. I’m having a bitch of a time finding yellow fallen. Anyone have any tips?

Public Events in EDz?!?


More importantly heroic publics. They should show up for the last phase and, if nothing else, the heroic boss should count.

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Are you sure the quest specifies yellow? I ran around and shot random fallen and completed that part in 5 minutes

Yes public events. I did it yesterday it is definitely yellows now. I started it before the update and wanted to wait till level higher and when I went back definitely yellows.

Second the public events. I’m pretty sure you have to do it on Nessus though. Also high value targets and lost sectors have yellows. Or you can find where the two factions fight. There are a lot of yellows toward the end of those.

Yes, it’s only on Nessus. Public events spawn the yellows but you have to get the final shot for the kill. My events last night had quite a few and I could only lock in 3 yellow kills.

Not even sure I want this gun, just trying to finish out the quest.

It has been a real pain in the ass that is for sure. The servitor public event seems to be the best one.

When I did it in used Mt rifle, then a grenade and then the final shot.

But, yeah I just ran aroundown on Ness us for 20 minutes hitting any events that I could and went into the lost sectors

Getting the kills weren’t the problem. Finding the fucking enemies was.

I managed to finish the quest tonight.

Yeah, a couple of us were trying to help @GrayBush get it done. After he finally got all the challenges done it was time for the mission, but it was too late to do.

Its a pretty good weapon. Headshots are crazy damage .

Its fantastic since it reloads your other weapon when used. You can quick change and unload quickly.

Comes in handy on the first part of the raid.

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Yeah the grind is real. Thanks for the help. I need all I can get! LOL!! Strange thing though, I went on today to finish and I guess since I already had run it with @SALT earlier, it gave me the Strum.

Evidently you don’t have to finish the strike with a fire team to get the Strum.

I did the strike by myself but couldn’t kill the end boss. I was thinking I’d get a fire team together at some point and finish it.

Went back to Tyra Karn at the Farm and she gave me the Strum.

I would still like to get a fire team together and beat that boss.

That boss is laughing at you.

Hilarious…I was just telling Salt and RIpply that I was trying that myself and tried 10 times to beat that fucker. Left my titan up where you spawn in so I could go grab my wife from work. Came back and I was back in orbit and I got the gun also.

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Get your metrosexual hunter and join me tonight.

He could blind the boss with his fancy Tag watch then throw Ugg slippers at him until he’s dead.

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