Dreadnaught Alpha!!! I'm in FINALLY

I have been waiting for roughly a year for this game… i actualy thought it would be out by now… but Apparently they are now looking at a summer realease… and I am in the Alpah… I’m so excited…

Really just wanted to cheack and see if anybody else got the Email…

Think… Battlestart Galatica style battles…


BSG + Star Conflict. I enjoyed both. Looks like the Alpha is closed, but they had a beta sign-up.

Yeah I think it said sign up in the field for a chance at the alpha… And I think I signed up for beta at the same time. This was awhile ago.

i’m definitely signed up for the beta

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NDA blah blah blah

I can say that it is fun, TTK is quick, but movement is slow, so you gotta think… and flanking is awesome since nobody has the time to turn there ship around.

there is controller support but its greyed out for now. hoping they switch it on soon.