Drunken BF1 Night 1/20

I’ll be running a Battlefield 1 room tonight. Drinks and teabagging highly encouraged and expected. I’ll be on around 9 PM Embiid Standard Time and I’ll have an open Xbox Party running. Just hop in and we’ll get you in game.

Forgot to tag @BattlefieldPlayers group. Got 48 people in there now. Suck up the alert, whores!!!

Sounds good. I should be on by 8.

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Im in

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I’m in. Not much of a drinker anymore…however I will be lit as always. :sunglasses:

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That was fun! Learned a tasty new tortilla recipe! Good stuff!

Govt Cheese tortillas!

We had a good turn out, I think we had 3 squads running.

Good games all