Drunken Friday Night Gaming 7/28


July 28, 2017 9:00 pm America/New_York

Join GRG for a night of drinking and killing. We’re looking to start some Battlefield, Destiny, Overwatch, Paladins and even some Battleground rooms. And remember, the alcohol won’t consume itself. Parties will start forming around 9PM EST.

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Busy this Friday - though I think we could get a few playing Paladins or Battlefield on PS4.
Let everyone know what you’ll be playing and check your Friends List.

If you are a member of the (new) PS4 Community you can always create a party in there before you start playing, that way anyone logging on after can see it and join in easily.

Easier for everyone.

This Friday is a wash for me but next Friday I’m all in.

I’ll be on Paladins tonight for anyone looking to group up. I should be on somewhere around 9PM EST

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also bump for

@BattlefieldPlayers @codplayers @TitanfallPlayers @PCGamers @PlayStationPlayers

I work until 9pm EST but will try to get on Overwatch for 10

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@OverwatchPlayers Forgot to tag those guys.

Always forgotten :sob:

Yet, somehow he keeps remembering COD…

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I will be on Albion Online leading up to this event, then either switch to Paladins or TitanFall 2

Played a number of rounds on Overwatch with halfsane who I dont see on the forums. Was a good night of murdering.

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We had a bunch on Paladins. @anon8564842 @Johneffinggalt @mnvikesfan @beers_and_leafs.

The last match came down to the wire. That was a really good game.


Game is a lot of fun with a full party… need to learn more of the toons.

If you dont have the founders pack, i highly suggest it.

Good games, sorry i had to bail out early