Dungeon Farming Runs

Anyone want to do some Dungeon farming runs. I NEEEEEED the Shroud of the Lich Restro Staff and Necklace and need to farm Crypts of Hearts 1 & 2. I’m not sure if we can get a group up tonight and tomorrow.

I also need the helm from CoH 1. Is vet out of our ability?


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My Tank is ready. I was doing pretty well sans food last night. All I really have right now is some grilled fish to jack up my health a little.

I’m at the stage now where I need to start gearing up, so dungeon runs sound perfect.
Crypt of Hearts drops the Ebon set, and that’s definitely a good tank set.

TLDR: I’m down.

I can also use my templar for healing, if needed.

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I will give you all Ebon gear (or really any other drops) as long as if anyone gets that damn staff or necklace they trade with me.

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Im in for dungeons. I think CoH 1 we could do but we need a dedicated healer and tank for it on vet I would think. I could also use the helm but I really need the one from CoH 2 I think and I have heard that is a beast on vet.

Hit me up if I’m on. I can dps or tank vet CoH1 or 2. Tanking will require a decent healer.

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Let me know what food you’re looking to run. I can send you some

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I have a CP 223 Templar I can spec into heavy heals. He’s wearing Julianus gear and has a near limitless reserve of magika. (it seems)

I don’t think my tank is geared for Veteran Dungeons yet.

Thank you for the offer to craft food.
I am leveling provisioning on my Tank as fast as I can, only at 23 right now.

Food Needs:
My Tank needs: Health & Stamina & Magika (if possible… that would be a purple food item)
If I need to make a choice of Blue items, anything with max health and Stamina will work.

My Healer needs: Health & Magika

Troof be told… if you could craft Capon Tomato-Beet Casserole, Jugged Rabbit in Preserves, Longfin Pasty With Melon Sauce, or Withered Tree Inn Venison Pot Roast that would work for any of us, as they boost all primary stats. (purp food items)

Thank you again.

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I should be on for a run or two. I may have to duck out to play Parent Taxi though.

I cheat on food. I’m using the stuff you buy in Cyrodiil. 2 stat food.

I got out of Taxi duty! Need to farm CoH. Guess I should watch some videos.

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Julianos and what else? Are you wearing a monster head and shoulder piece as well? If you have the time to grind gear for your healer, Spell Power Cure/Sanctuary/Bogdan will be you ultimate goal. Almost infinite sustain and your Healing Springs will hit the health bars hard. I’ll see what I can send you for food. I have a crafter in each category at 50, so if I know the recipe I will send.

@ixL0N3W0LFxi been trying to send you some food. Not what you asked for but it’s what I use for tank and healer. I don’t have those other recipes yet. Keeps saying player unknown.

sorry. my name is effing stoopid.

ix L Zero N 3 W Zero L F xi - all vowels replaced with numbers with the exception of the bookends, which are 9(ix) 11(xi).

Hopefully that helps.

Ty. That one worked.

For your tank, Once you get all your armor, you’ll want to get it to purple and add all Prismatic Defense glyphs to it. Shield as well.

What are you using for tank armor? I read Ebon above. Ebon is a great place to start. I was using it and it’s easy to farm. Alkosh will be your ultimate goal if you’re needing tri pots for food. I’m in the same boat but people rarely run that Trial.

Don’t laugh… I just hit 50…
I’m wearing mostly Duneripper with a little Iron Blood. Trying to get rid of the Duneripper and replace with Ironblood to put with the Ebon… then the plan was to start trying to farm for Alkosh. I don’t use a whole lot of magic, turthfully I can make it by with just health and Stam buffs. I can tank well and ignore magicka mostly… but I do have a few spells I like to use every so often that require magika… so I was just being on the safe side.

Iron blood is great for PvP. PvE has some better sets available. Definitely a good starting point though. The 1k health bonus you get from Ebon doesn’t make it worth while. You’re better running Torugs until you get your Alkosh. Better sustain all around. There are a few options though. Dragonguard/Alkosh/Lord Warden is what I’m shooting for. Just missing the Alkosh. Dragonguard is a great selfish set. Boosts your healing received and also easily farmable. Same with Plague Doctor.

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So we ran 2 Veteran runs on Crypt of Hearts 1. @ixL0N3W0LFxi @SoInZane and @Meatyshark1 and I. No tanks (well, Meatyshark1 is a pseudo tank I think or at least we used him as one). I was a bit nervous starting it, figuring we’d just get wiped. We ran that twice then did a random dungeon for the daily.

Nope. Easy run. I’m not sure if CoH 1 is simple or what but we did fairly well. Really only wiped at the last boss once because we just got careless (they have SOOOO much health. Combined was like 10 million).

I know @ixL0N3W0LFxi made out pretty well for his tank as we all gave him the Ebon gear. I didn’t get my Restro staff or Necklace but I did get my Monster helm (thanks for the trade). Now I need some Dreugh wax to upgrade to gold. I’d like to get my helm and pants to gold.

I did transmute the helm to the trait I wanted. Finally got to use some of the million transmutation crystals I have.

All in all good runs.

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Yeah we didn’t do too bad at all. Having a tank would have let us not have to run around so much especially on the end bosses. Also I think for me accidentally invoking the scroll on the 2nd run we still almost managed to take them out; still a long fight with or without the scroll. Trick is to def not take out the fire bro too early as that lightning AOE that the other spams was insane.

I didn’t make out well… I made out like gang busters… Ended up with 6 pieces of Ebon armor. More than enough to get the 5 piece bonus and have wiggle room.
The orbs are real ya’ll.

It may not be the best set for what I want to do, but it sure is cool… I’m kinda thinking I want to try and pull off a dual 5 piece set with ebon and plague doctor. Read something about it on a Reddit, and it sounded kinda cool.

I also made out pretty well on my Templar toon. I got the full Illambris monster set. Kind of excited to see that in action. I use a fair amount of DOTS and AOE with him, even spec’d as a Healer.

Also… I think I want more of the Lich Set too for my Templar… All in all it was great fun. I’ve gotta download that and post it up… There were some real creative battle strategies going on, and more than one close call.

There were a few times I was getting rezz’d and watching everyone’s health just plummet… only to get rezz’d at the last second and pop my blessings and see all bars go to max again… freaking awesome.

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