Duos is Coming

The Call of Duty website has been updated with a new landing page for Season 3 of Modern Warfare and Warzone, and the landing page suggests that Duos is coming soon to Warzone. The mention of Duos has been removed now.

The site showcases “NEW MODES” for Warzone and shows Quads, which is live now in Warzone, but also notes that Duos is coming alongside other modes to come during Season 3.

The module from the Call of Duty site has since been removed, but its showcased above before it was taken down. The accompanying image behind Duos was called “s3-duos.”

Infinity Ward has not announced Duos for Warzone as of now. Stay tuned for any updates.

When is it coming and will it be permanent? It should stay. 1, 2 and 4s.

Just says season 3…and yes it should have them all, but maybe they’re doing it like this so they can see howw modes play out and then decide what to keep…IDFK