Dying Light - XBOne

Anyone here have Dying Light on the Bone and interested in doing some co-op? Bashing zombies with a crowbar is always more fun with friends…!

I might be. I’ve only seen the trailer once, need to check this game out again.

Is it worth picking up?

I don’t have it but kept going back and forth with this or just getting Dead Rising 3 for some zombie action. I have yet to hear anyone rave about Dying Light.

Is it worth $60, hell no.
It’s a re-make of Dead Island with parkour; if you like Dead Island then you’d maybe like it since it is the same game with diff. name.

On a bright note, the achievements are fairly easy to get all of them with minimal effort.

@BalekFekete send me invite, have a few achievements left.

There’s also H1Z1, looks interesting, but it’s for PC.

I’m interested in Dying Light but since I would likely only play single player I was hoping to catch a sale for it on Steam. I’ll just wait.

I’m usually popping on and off through the evening hours, with more regular time on weekends. I’ll drop you an invite next time I jump into a game and, if the stars align, we can romp some zombies.

Depends if you like A. zombies and B. open world games. I never played Dead Island so didn’t have anything to compare it to. But I love open world games (ACs, Mordor lately, Batman games, etc) so this was right up my alley. It starts really slow and it takes time before you feel really under-powered, but once that’s gone and you get used to the parkour it’s a lot of fun.

The concept intrigues me, I love zombie games and open world. But I think I’ll wait alittle bit for the price t go down alittle. Thank you all for the honest input.

There’s a double bout of good news for Dying Light fans, as some new DLC and a game patch are both heading your way very soon. Starting off with the DLC, the “Ultimate Survivor Bundle” brings a few new aspects to the game.

The Ultimate Survivor Bundle brings a collection of unique items to the quarantine zone, including blueprints for four one-of-a-kind weapons: The Constable, the Night Club, Lacerator, and Buzz Killer. On top of that, the bundle comes with three distinctive character outfits: the Ninja, Urban Explorer, and Special Agent.We also have a new trailer for the DLC pack to share with you. This video shows you the new outfits and weapons in action, so take a look and see which one takes your fancy.

Accompanying this DLC is patch 1.4 for the game. This patch will see the introduction of Hard mode, which we heard about last month. This patch will also add “an additional tier to weapon rarity level,
extra rewards for completing the game, more character outfits, and dozens of new weapons”. So, there’s plenty more to keep you busy with your zombie killing.

The “Ultimate Survivor Bundle” DLC will be available for Xbox One on March 10th, and will be available for free with the season pass, or US$4.99/ €4,99 / £3.99 on its own. Patch 1.4 will also be released the same day.

That’s cheap for DLC but I don know, I’m leaning towards no right now.

So I bought two copies from the bx on a return. The wife and I havebeen playing. It has been a really fun game sofar. The movement is t bad the coop has been decent. I have no complaints about this game so far. djmeha loves this game so far.

I would love to actually start playing it for the first time, but I have it for PC. Stupid steam sales.

I swear I was just here posting my favorite Johnny moment with that game.

Johnny…there is a health pack on that balcony…

Ok…shoot propane tank that is there instead of health pack and watch Johnny explode.

Then there is also this Johnny moment.


That game was good for few laughs but I’m over it now.