EA Press conference trailers

Not much here… it was laughably bad.

Titanfall 2 Multiplayer

Single Player

Madden 17

Mass Effect Andromeda



This awesome moment

Battlefield 1

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OH MY GOD !!! Battlefield 1 , Titianfall 2 & Mass Effect look great .

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Just re watched TF2 MP trailer… looks amazing

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I agree TF2 will be my other shooter other that BF1. Sorry CoD but you have to wow the shit out of everyone to outdo these two

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TF2 does not look much different other than the added grapple and assassinations added for players and mechs.

Battlefield on the other hand looks awesome.

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thats why im excited. the last game was a good base. now we have 6 mechs instead of 3. mechs seem a lot more custimzable. makes it aweomse when a full squad of GRG spawns in and we all have bright pink titans with hello kitty nose art. and grappling should be fun. lookedlike it worked similar to Just Cause grapple hook.

I also didnt see any bots, but it may have only been a pilot only mode