easy way to farm them exotic engrams


looking to hit this up this weekend after xur shows up got to get me some three of coins and it works great already tried by myself but figured it would go better with a group. anyone interested hit me up

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Wassup @quantumklutz

:grinning:what going on @TheKlown4Life i’m back

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Nice farm spot. So you pop a coin for each of the three guardians.

yep I ran it once and for three I got one exotic engram one legendary and abunch of blues and greens from the regular guys

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Found this day one with Al.

Nice that you shared with the community.

Lol. I really didn’t think anything of it since my light level was like 330, and the engrams were so low. I didn’t realize until last Sunday that one of the few ways to go get above 365 was with exotics. I just never went back to it.

Another good spot for Money, and engrams, are the hammer missions in the second area of the plaguelands. They drop about 1000, and always at least 1 blue and a lot of times 1 legendary. Finish the mission, go to orbit, come down, repeat.


Nice. I was just messing with you.

You talking about the patrols?