ED Friday night

Looking to get on some elite tonight and exploring more of the game. I’ve been doing some reading and there is supposedly a story to this game buried deep down. Anyone interested to join hit me up @ED_Players

I’ll be on and off throughout the day (WFH) but then certainly tonight.

I’m thinking of running a Skimmer mission boot camp tonight if anyone is interested? I’m staking missions right now for any missions in the Durojin system as well as at Crown Enterprise in the BD+04 4344 system.

Same…bouncing between this and the division, will be on this afternoon.

Will be on PC tonight but if you guys start up a party chat I will try to join in.

@quantumklutz What time were you thinking about playing? what part of the galaxy are you in? I will fly with you if I can find you on xbox live. I am totally interested in finding and playing a part in some kind of a bigger narrative. I will try to add you again today. is your GT quantumklutz87?

Yes @DirtyD125 that is my GT I already got you added on mine. I hope to be on around 8 or 9. I’m over in frey with the. Rest of grg members. And from what I can tell the narrative of the game is told through news stories on galnet. About what is going on in the universe

Here is a link to all the previous galnet reports if anyone wants to catch up on them. I am slowly reading through them piecing things together



Pimped this on our XBox GRG Club page. Opened it out to Xbox live in the hopes of attracting more people and getting some new recruits.


Tried joining the Xbox party but was receiving some taredo error message. May have to do with the strict nat settings on campus.

Managed to get scout rank on exploration. On my way now to get my meta alloy so I can unlock my first engineer. Can’t wait to get that upgrades fsd drive

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