EDIT: I NO LONGER hate Gambit ;-)

Probably the most frustrating experience I’ve had in any Destiny game to date. The f**king prerequisite of 5 hand cannon kills for Ace of Spades is going to send me to the hospital with a coronary.

That is all

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Just to be clear, you know you have to kill invaders as the defender right?

I do.

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Just wanted to make sure you hadn’t spent hours trying to kill them as the invader (as the quest description apparently indicates).

Yep, I was saying some choice curse words, its tough, you can’t see them coming. I have one kill and it was lucky…after 5 matches

I honestly think Gambit would pretty exciting to play if your not playing solo…
But yea screw that quest line I got 5 kills or so I thought… but has he said ^ up there you have to be the defender…

@evil_mike little tip…having just finished the ace of spades quest. Go into gambit and be selfish. Sit back and wait for an invader notification and hunt the guy. I didn’t do anything else during a match. Also, if you have it, I recommend the Truth hand cannon. It hits like a freight train. Great for the 25 precision kills in crucible too.

Crimson, Thin Line and Sturm and Drang are 3 great HC’s for getting the 5 invader kills and trust me, The Ace of Spades is so worth it.

We played a few games as 4 man GRG team and was good times…that said, GRG stuff tends to be more fun as you r playing with your friends…playing solo…espcially if trying to get those hand cannon kills can get to be a grind…we found that 2 runners and 2 attackers worked a little better as we could save up for 15 and get 2 big blockers at the same time while still moving things forward…
any other thoughts @Sniper_T1 @Mowerguy90 @Thebeeryeti ?

Win or lose a lot more fun with a team with a strategy. I wonder if it is even worth invading the other team until they get a prime evil up. May be better to just concentrate on sending blockers and getting our prime up first.

If you have a killer on your team then it’s absolutely worth it. I was banking 15 motes to get the big blocker up and got tagged by an invader and lost all 15.

If you ever want to play gambit and see RuttedClown on, hit me up. Generally I’m just dicking around or doing random bounties but, I’m always up for some pvp or pve stuff.

Definitely more fun with clan mates, I qued solo in 5-6 matches trying to get the damn invader kills for the Ace of Spades questline and got 1 out of shear luck. Played with clan mates in 3 matches and scored 2 invader kills.

Had great fun with you all in gambit tonight…that is until my Xbox shut it self down do to supposed overheat…wasn’t even really warm.
Does not bode well…:face_with_raised_eyebrow:

My xbox started doing the same thing. It freezes and then completely shuts down. I unplugged my external USB drive and plugged it back in and it hasn’t given me any more problems knock on wood.

Lemme follow this one up. I hated Gambit while I was trying to get the HC kills. Now I don’t mind it so much. I definitely can see how it’d be fun with a fire team that’s coordinating and stuff.

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I’m guessing you got the HC kills. I’m on 2 of 5 and kill stole them from @Grex. Don’t even feel guilty and I’d do it again!

I did. I used Sturm and Drang (by the way, I’m not a fan of the new infusion system) and immediately started hunting the invaders when they appear. Took maybe 5-10 games after I posted the original message to get the kills I needed.

The headshots with hand cannons step was another pain in the ass. Pro-tip: don’t try doing that one AND the Chaperone quest step where you need to increase the percentage for kills with all three element types (learned that the hard way after I went from like 28% on Solar, which I was working on, down to 18% bc I kept dying).

I got Ace yesterday and it’s ABSOLUTELY worth it. The last mission is awesome and the gun itself is badass.

As for Gambit itself, I’d totally be down with running it with a group.

Tip for this - focus on one element at a time - once it hits 100% it doesn’t drop back down.
If you try to focus on 2+ elements then you’ll go up and down.

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Can confirm - get destroyed by Ace all the time in Crucible.