Elder Scrolls is 24 Today! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

Arena, the first game ever in the Elder Scrolls series was released on March 25th in 1994 for PC on the MS-DOS Platform.

If you have never played these before, do it!
Play Arena, Daggerfall, and the original Morrowind. The story arc is great.
Here’s a tutorial how to install the games on a modern pc:

For those of you who are just curious what early Elder Scrolls looked like, here’s a video showing the super advanced graphics of 1994:


Morrowind is my favorite game of all time! I put 600 hours into it when it came out for the xbox. I have continually come back to it on PC (currently I’m using Morroblivion and having a blast). I definitely need to check out Arena and Daggerfall.

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