Elder Scrolls VI Investigation

Alright folks, we need to get on this shit! What am I talking about? Well, Bethesda was kind enough to tease ES VI for us, but they haven’t told us where it will be. Our God Todd mentioned in an E3 interview that there is enough information in this trailer to figure out the setting of ES VI.

We all love Elder Scrolls here and I would love to hear some theories about the next setting. Also, is there any Grim Reaper who has a 4k monitor? I think the key to solving this puzzle is to render the video in 4k and zoom in on the city on the coastline.

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My suggestions for places to start sleuthing:

  1. The architecture of the crumbling watchtower as well the coastal city-that should provide some solid information and may be enough to tell us where this is.
  2. Don’t automatically assume this is High Rock-everyone seems to be immediately jumping to this conclusion because of a) the mountains; b) the crater; and c) the water (thinking it’s Illiac Bay). However, a) the environment could easily be Hammerfell or Elsweyr (the terrain looks like a tundra and you can see forests, maybe jungle?, in the background); b) the crater could be a red herring; and c) most people assume the water is Illiac Bay, but I haven’t seen people talk about the direction the camera is panning in from.
  3. Elder Scrolls already did High Rock in Daggerfall.
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Haven’t got a fucking clue.
My knowledge of Elder Scrolls appears to be severely lacking.
The hivemind will work it out I’m sure.

So I found a nice video on YouTube which answered the question of what direction the Sun was in the sky, and, therefore, generated two map locations:

There was also a leak from 2014 in which it was shown that Bethesda had trademarked a Project Greenheart, lending some evidence to the Valenwood argument.

Here is also a description of Southpoint, Valenwood:
“Southpoint is built in the Imperial style, with fortifications towards the east and the main gate. It is relatively small when compared to the other cities in Valenwood, but it is strategically along the south coast, between Woodhearth and Haven. Southpoint is located in the Long Coast region of Grahtwood, which stretches along the Grahtwood south, and the cliffs of the mainland divide it. By the mainland, Southpoint has one connection that leads to Haven, which would eventually lead onto the rest of the province.”

This could also be Senchal in Elsweyr if we use the assumption that the camera is panning north-with the body of water being the topal bay.

Then there is this:

When I saw the teaser I immediately thought of Hammerfell.