Elite: Dangerous, Sea of Thieves, Dungeons & Dragons

I have been getting back into Elite: Dangerous with the addition of Fleet Carriers. Seriously thinking about trying to get one. I have 1 billion in the bank and will be mining and trading for the other 4 billion. If anyone is interested in winging up on Xbox One just hit me up! GT: YggBjorn

I have also returned to the Sea of Thieves and am looking for shipmates!

Every Friday at 9pm Eastern I host a D&D game using Fantasy Grounds VTT and Discord for voice chat. If anyone is interested in joining I have a few spots open.


I need to do the mining as well but Iā€™m nowhere near the money needed.

If you can get a Type-9 kitted out for trading you can sometimes find two stations close by that you can run a Tritium loop with. One is selling at 4k and the other is buying at 50k.

I was thinking of getting back into this but not sure of time zones and NAT (great firewall of China) but good info.

I am up at late hours for North America so maybe we can wing up. Next time I am on I will send you an invite to my private group.

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