Email Malware - Reply to forums via EMail now disabled

There is a nasty email / google docs malware running rampant on the webs right now. It’s a link to a “google doc” that spams your contact list. I got caught by it via a post in our forums. We allow people to reply to posts via email. A user got hit and it posted the link in GRG. Like a dumbass, I clicked it and spammed my contact list.

We are going to disable the post by email feature for the time being. Once this issue calms down we will re-enable it. Sorry for the spam!

Damnit I clicked it thinking you were sending me something.


No worries I should have played attention

More info:

I clicked it on the forums thinking you shared something but was confused about the context.

Which was how I caught it. From another member who email posted the link to the forums. Once I had it, it went through my email and posted to the forums.

This is why we disabled the feature for now.

Thanks for information and the disable

Looks like Google is on top of it and has a fix and block in place for it.


I even read about this on Reddit today and was completely aware.
Then I saw ‘your’ post on the Ark thread and it didn’t even occur to me what it was.

I avoided it mostly because I didn’t know what it was and it looked like you might have directed it toward Jammer anyway.
Thought it was a joke re the Ark server info.

Can you edit the post and remove the link?

I thought we deleted all the posts. Can you link the thread?

It’s gone now.

With the issue handled by google, I have turned this feature back on to allow replying to a thread via email.

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never trust the machines

the overlord AI was testing you.

you meatsacks did exactly what it wanted you to do.

don’t click the link. the future of mankind is in your hands

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