enemy montage featuring yours truly...

don’t tell me prowlers aren’t OPed… @AlphaMack was there… along with a few others… it wasnt good…

you can see me die 6-7 min mark and 11:20


I’ll be honest, Prowlers are my favorite ESF tank, max out anchors and reload speed… rain down those AP rounds.

i just dont see their downside,

2 cannons that do 1250 each with a 2.5s reload.

vanguard - 2000 damage and a 4s reload… WTF.

source - http://planetside.wikia.com/wiki/P2-120_AP

Saw you at 11:20, but not at 6-7 minutes.

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My sundy was the one in the prowler sammich, then the prowler almost runs me over while i was trying to drop tank mines, then shot me. might be 7:20.

Haha okay

Sounds painful… :frowning: