Escalation Protocol Tonight

If anyone is interested
Jackal the midget lover (JML for short) and i will be doing the EP trying to get that damn shotgun tonight if anyone would like to join us.

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Xbox or PS? About what time? I need the shotgun too

KFK plays on Xbox.
He is on XBL now but not playing yet, so I guess, a bit later?

yes, thank you. i’m usually on around 800 central most nights

We all ran this tonight for what seems like forever. I did get a ton of shards and glimmer but most importantly I got the EP shotty. Thanks everyone who was there.

@koldfront_kraig @Grex @valiantvictory @ezekielJP @Guinness333 .

Also, we probably should of sent that blueberry the site info. He seemed like a good guy.


I thought so…but the last guy I tried to recruit was a 16yo kid with pizza burning fears…so i wait for ppl to ask

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No luck for me on getting the shotgun. But I do appreciate you guys helping out.

I will be around tonight. If anyone needs a meat shield, shoot me an invite.

Lala I did send that guy a FR. He did seem like a good guy.

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i got the sniper. So still down to keep running it.