ESO account transfer

I’m finding mixed responses to this. Does anyone know for sure, or know an updated source?

From what I’ve been able to find, if someone wanting to transfer the account from PC to say Xbox, they pay a $20 fee, and this fee gets them a digital copy of the game, identical to the one they had for PC, but only if you purchased the game before a certain date.

If this is the case, is this an account transfer, or an account copy which still allows you to play your character separately on PC as well. Obviously they wouldn’t be linked in any way.

Best answers I can find at the moment. Wondering if anyone can verify

I thought that was something they only did for a limited time when they first sold ESO to consoles. I know @D1G1TALC1PHERS did it but I think it was a free service then (could be wrong).

I’ve never played ESO on a PC so I’m not sure.

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I’ll wait to hear from him. We are getting a lot of mixed answers on this. Another says you can link the account for free with no data transferring from one device to the other.

It’s hard to find a straight answer on this. Even the official site has mixed answers. So far it’s a hard no from a thread updated this month. And that’s a no on everything. Fee and all transfers. So I guess we will attempt it this weekend and see what happens.

I don’t get why they just don’t allow you to play your account on any service. PC, XB1 and PS4. Have it set so you can play anywhere you like. The caveat being that if you sign onto consoles, you’re only playing with consoles.

I don’t know why this game isn’t a play anywhere title yet. It would be a lot easier to Do this.