ESO and Skill points

@deSoldier2001 how the fuck do you get more Skill points? I barely have any and I don’t have them spread around too much. I’m Vet level 2 and I’ve 100% all zones that I’ve been in (skyshards as well). Is it just skyshards, random quests and 1 at each Vet Level?

I need to up my crafting levels a bit but only have 3. I’m not even using them. I don’t get it.

Welcome to end game and one of the reasons I got the F out.

Vet levels suck as I want to go play in Cyrodiil. I don’t mind the extra questing but I would like to take a break from it.

Just those skill points. I need moar!

Yes, I know. I grab all the shards in each zone
I use the online maps and track via achievements.

@Lala_Calamari, you can get 1 skill point in each of the public/group dungeons. There is 1 dungeon in each zone. I have completed all of them except Colharbour if need help there. There are skyshards in Craglorn & Wrothgar pretty easy to get. You get 1 skill point for every level in PvP, there are 50 levels. There is 1 skill point in every Undaunted dungeon, there is 1 in every zone. I’ve used all methods above except doing the Undaunted.

I just did the Craglorn ones recently, got about 6 skill points total.

I forgot, easier skyshards to find are in Cyrodiil, there’s about 10 in each of the 3 alliance areas.