ESO Crafted Sets

Read somewhere that crafted sets are great to have while leveling. What are they and how do I get them? I would like one for my level 15 sorcerer I am going to rank up by questing. Who do I see about this and how much are we talking? Or should I just learn how to do this and take forever making my own?

Don’t bother when you’re that low of a level. The set will become obsolete within a level or two and you will level up fast without it. You won’t need to worry about crafted sets until you get beyond 50

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Pro Tip (and only the tip).

Wear a mix or armor so that you level them all up. ESO is a weird game, it’s not a traditional MMO where magic classes wear only light armor and tanks wear only heavy. So depending where you go in the game, you may want to wear other types of armor.

If you wear a piece of each while you level your character, those Armor skills will level as well. So make sure to wear at least a piece of light, medium and heavy.

That also goes for Skills. Each class has 3 skill lines. Slot a skill from each one on your bar so all 3 skills level up at the same time. (on both bars).

What are the advantages of wearing all 3 types of armor if your character will never wear that type? For instance, why should my tank wear light armor?

Don’t think of ESO as a traditional MMO like WoW. You can spec and build every class to anything. Most end game builds wear all three to take advantage of the passives a piece of armor has. And armor isn’t as important as you level, so might as well get them all to 50 (or close). Weapons make more of a difference and you’ll probably want to stick with a few different kinds.

But for example, here’s an end game PvP Dragonknight tank build. He wears mostly heavy but does wear one medium and light piece.

There are certain skills within the light medium and heavy armor skill trees that you may want to obtain, or that you may need after a respec. Having levels in those make things a lot easier.

I would wear Seducers & Julianos, 2 craftable sets good for magicka critical damage and sustain. I can make it and set the traits to training to rank up more quickly.

What kind of supplies do I need to gather?

I should have enough for lvl 15 gear. I think have like 2K supply of materials.

What two types of weapons will you be primarly using?

Right now I have a destruction staff and a restoration staff. Is there something I should be using that would be better?

No, those weapons are good, offense and defense.

Coming from a healer and a tank, I was dying a little too easy with just the destro staff. Need a little help staying alive.

I do a lot of experimenting with different things in Pvp. My main toon using mostly is a Sorcerer Tank. I put on skills I think would help a group from a tank perspective, so lots of stuns that slow enemies down for the damage dealers. After every night I think about what worked well for me and what didn’t and will adjust skills, gear for the next time. I have adjusted a warden, healer, dragonknight, & Nightblade around to be tank oriented, so I rotate those around through the week.

I would get with Lonewolf or @FouR187, they have some sort of Dolmen run in Alikir Desert for ranking up. Questing alone will take a while to level.

Started that Saturday morning. From scratch, got my sorcerer up to 15 so I could have the Resto staff. Also started a tank and got him to 25. All that from the Dolman run. My healer is higher and I started it so long ago just running quests, I have forgot the story. That’s why I am now going to use the sorcerer to go and run quests with and relearn the story. Plus I just like running quests, delves and dungeons. Never tried pvp.

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If you’re doing the Dolmen run make sure to join the Fighter’s guild. Might as well level that up.

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Ive been playing less than a month id say and im up to 130. Dolmens and Dungeon finder are a great way to gear up quickly and gain tons of levels. Questing is great if you stick to a quest line, as you progress youll get random gear and decent xp. All in all leveling is what you make of it but I found running a tank or healer on lower levels allowed me to expand my options as to what im grinding. Which has made the grind alot less tedious.

Also, when running dungeons make sure you grab the quests for those dungeons unlocked. Sometimes its even better to run specific dungeon just for the quest that you get when you first step foot into the dungeon. Nice gear and alot of xp.

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