ESO Crafting Question

As all the ESO nerds know, I’m in the process of gearing out my Nightblade for high level PvP in Cyrodiil. I’m looking to craft a few pieces (Clever Alchemist). I know you have craft items like that at specific locations. I found Hunding’s Rage area last night.

My question is, How do you craft those name sets? Is any item crafted in those locations bound with those stats? Or do I need to something special?

When you go to those stations, you’ll have the options when you hit your right bumper to go over to the crafted set. Now each station requires you to know a SPECIFIC NUMBER OF TRAITS in order to craft that specific set. That’s where the research times come into play

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@Lala_Calamari some of the research will only take 6-8 hours, but as you progress, the times jump to 10-20 days. And that’s with the passive skill that drops the research time

What I did until I maxed out my research on a lot of armor, was login to upgrade the mounts, and check my research with both crafting toons.

So it’s a whole different menu then. Will I have to research those or will I just be able to craft it (provided I learned the standard trait and have the skill points assigned). My sorc has the points and may have the traits learned.

You need to have a specific number of traits already researched. Each station has different requirements for how many you need

@Lala_Calamari this image shows what I mean.

7 traits required to craft this set

There are some stations I can craft some armor but not a full set because I don’t have x amount of traits researched for each piece

I’m reaching the level of crafting on some of my gear that I can research Nirnhoned. Does anyone have this unlocked that I could use for research? I only have my shields all the way up. I will of course provide the mats

I bought nirnhoned pieces from traders to research. But do have unlocked and could craft simple piece to research.

I’m trying to work on some crafting as we lost one of our crafters.

Research times are starting to get brutal, one item is 3 days, the other is 7 days and I know it only gets worse. meh.

I can craft any trait for armor, wood, cloth, not so much jewelry though.

crown store has those reduced time scrolls if you want it done quicker.

I know. ESO borrowed a mobile gaming mechanic for that.

I’ll have to hit you up with what I need. Plus send the mats. (I think I only need 2 items on my sorc other than dungeon drops).

Question about transmuting items. Can I transmute an item to any trait or do I need to know that trait in crafting?

You have to have the trait you want researched to perform the transmutation.

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