ESO Dungeon Diving 4/4

Join Grim Reaper Gamers for a night of Dungeon Crawling in Elder Scrolls Online! Let’s get a party going and run some of the public Dungeons in ESO tonight. Beginning and experienced players welcomed. We’re also open of ideas on events. Any of you pussies brave enough for Cyrodiil?

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I’ll be down for whatever. Probably run my Magicka Sorcerer as I’ve given up leveling my Templar. I just can’t level another toon at the moment.

If we have just 4 we can run private dungeons. How do they work with One Tameriel? Will they level to whoever starts? Or can anyone just run them? My level 50 might fuck it up for lower level guys.

I think my NA server toon is only level 20 something

Is this still the plan? I’ll be around. I think @kelseama said she would be too.

I’m going to try to be on, but it may be a bit later, around 1030-11 least coast time

You think I plan things out?

That’s funny.

I did download 12 GB update for joker festival the other day so good to go. Will join the rippin & tearin.

I think today is the last day for the festival. May be over, but I think it goes on til today.

Had a good run on World Bosses. That one Clanfear boss was a bitch. His tail hit for 18k of damage. That was nuts.

Side note, I figure out what I want to do with the damn Templar. I’d like to go Destro / Restro.

I ran around Craglorn last night after we finished. Most of that map is group based. Might be worth checking out. 2 of us tried one area and couldn’t make it past the first swarm

Is Craglorn DLC?

No. It’s a province up North. Either Hammerfall or Daggerfall or something. It used to be a 4 person veteran map and now it’s half dailies and half group areas. Came across three group objectives just riding by.

We can run it next week. I’ll be MIA due to recording the ReaperCast but I’m sure we can muster up a group.