ESO Dungeon Diving 5/16

Join Grim Reaper Gamers for a night of Dungeon Crawling in Elder Scrolls Online! Let’s get a party going and run some of the public Dungeons in ESO tonight. Beginning and experienced players welcomed. We’re also open of ideas on events. Any of you pussies brave enough for Cyrodiil?

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I’m off this day so I will be available. We’ve been bringing out 6 to 10 people every Tuesday. We may need a second group going in order to run some private dungeons and group areas. Any volunteers?

Anyone have anything they would like to do or see?

I will be there. Up for whatever everyone else wants to run.

I’ve never done any of the trials before. If we could get a group of 10-12 to go through any of them for shites & giggles would be fun.

I would love to attempt the trials. Are they level specific?

I think there is normal & veteran. Only really good players do veteran so that wouldn’t be @Lala_Calamari but the rest of us are okay





I will jump on for bit.

I don’t know if I will be able to make it. if i do it will be late. Daughter is in the science fair at school tonight.

I’m not sure if we had anything really planned.

We were going to attempt some Trials tonight. The more I look into it, the more I’m seeing a CP10 qualification. I’ll find something definitive before this evening.

If we can pull 8 people tonight, let’s split the line and run 2 groups in Craglorn for some group delves or Skyreach.

I will be available to lend a foot

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Been doing some research on Trials. We need some higher level CP10+ people. Group of 10-12

“Hel Ra Citadel is one of the two 12 player trials introduced with Craglorn. It is on the west side of Craglorn. There is no lockout for trials but you only get 36 rezzes for your entire trial death. Each death will add additional minutes to your trial timer. Once you run out of 36 rezzes, you have to zone out, disband your group, reform and retry all the way from the beginning.”

One example. These will be fun to attempt one day. There’s also the Dragonstar Arena in NW Craglorn which I’m checking out shortly. There are a ton of great group areas in this region to check out tonight. We’ll see how many people end up jumping on.

I went into DSA solo once but have never attempted in group. Depending on turn out this could be option.

I posted in game as well, but in case nobody reads those: due to recent in game chat we’ll be using Xbox party chat. Jump in and we’ll get grouped up from there.

I’m also around until then if anyone needs Ambrosia or equipment or anything else.

Those were some great battles. Long ones too. We managed to get 2 groups going in the Dragonstar Arena. @deSoldier2001 @kelseama @Azalin4savioR and @Apex_Azrael split off and conquered the arena on a near 2 hour run. @Sniper_T1 @mercbobkat and @Grex we’re stuck with me, and We got massacred over and over until it became too late. @necrofraggle popped on after and we formed a 4 person group and banged off an Undaunted Pledge. I had a blast. I’m also jealous I don’t have that new title. Dammit.