ESO Guild Night 6/20 - Morrowind

can morrowind play by itself

No. It’s an expansion. Still need the base game.


Luxury Edition

It’s 60 bucks for the whole thing (ESO + Morrowind). If you already own ESO, then the Morrowind Expansion is $40.

We should probably condense the info in this thread and put it in our ESO noob thread. Basically explains what to do.

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Yes yes… i am looking for the race motifs as well…willing to trade or buy if anyone loots some

Let me know if you received the requests or not. Xbox and ESO have been weird for invites. You don’t show up on my list so I had to type you manually into ESO

I believe in you

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Bump as a reminder. We’re on the Kyne Campaign. Players must be level 10 through 49 to participate. Please make sure to run the Cyrodiil tutorial prior to playing.

Also, stock up on Soul Gems (empty ones are keep). Fill them up as battle rezzes can change fights. If you don’t know how to fill a soul gem, let us know.

Also, make sure to buy some siege. There is a siege vendor at the two starting areas or in any keep. My suggestion is to buy Stone Trebuchets, Fire Ballistas and maybe a ram. You can use gold or Alliance points to purchase them.

If we have enough to attack keeps we’re going to try the ram with ballistas method. Rams are great for front door attacks but you need 6 people near it for the ram to work. 2 people can drop ballistas and fire at the door and STILL be in ram range. This front door attack only works if they do not have oils up.

This is how you want to position the balllistas to the ram.

forgot to tag @ESOPlayers

Oh I am so joining tonight just for you.

Beat me to it.

I’ll be late so I’ll catch up like the fat step child.

I dragged my Xbox and ESO with me out of town, so I should be joining you guys. Sounds neat.


I will be there. It was a lot of fun last week.

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Sorry guys, got off the golf course late, and am just now sitting down to relax. I’ve failed you

I played and saved them all for the short while I was on.


We were on the receiving end of teabag heaven last night, and even managed to dish out some of our own. Lala and Soldier even received hate mail. I’m so proud. I was running late and had to leave early, but we had a great time with @Lala_Calamari @Sniper_T1 @deSoldier2001 @brokain and a mouthful of teabags. @anon3687162 rode in briefly to save the day and @necrofraggle was arriving just as I was heading out.

This low level PvP is a lot of fun.