ESO Guild Night 6/13 - Morrowind

Bring out your Wardens! Jump in tonight for some public/private dungeons, delves, and general shenanigans. Unsure what we’ll run yet, post up some ideas! Groups form around 9pm EST Joing GRG Voice Channel 1 to get into a group

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We may be doing Cyrodil. Stay posted

I’ll just leave this here.

Starting a Warden today. DLC is downloading now.


@ESOPlayers we are going to have a group running low level Cyrodiil for this evening. If you want to partake, have a toon leveled 10-49 in the Aldmeri Dominion. This is PvP and supposed to be a lot of fun. If anyone is interested, have a character ready to go.

There will also be a group running PvE. Haven’t figured out who will run that just yet.

Edit: also make sure you do the 5 minute training in Cyrodil before hand

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Hopefully we can get a few people on to play tomorrow. Maybe shoot for the under 50 Campain, Kyne.

Kyne – Ruleset: 7 day lvl10-49 Non-Champ

Make sure to hope on early and run the tutorial. It’s pretty simple. Also, make sure to pick up some siege weapons. I recommend a couple of fire ballistas and stone trebuchets. (2 of each should do you good).


You’ll also unlock the Support Skill line after the tutorial. I suggest putting a skill point into Rapid Maneuvers. Cyrodiil is a huge map, Rapid Maneuvers will help you get around faster.

Rapid Maneuvers

  • Mobilize your forces, granting Major Expedition and Major Gallop to you and your allies, increasing Movement Speed by 30% and Mounted Speed by 30% for 30 seconds.
  • Also grants immunity to snares and immobilization.
  • The effect ends if you cast any spell on an enemy or an ally.
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@ESOPlayers that’s the plan for those that eant to partake in PvP. Have your toon leveled 10-49 as per the previous post. Don’t worry about being good, just have fun and work as a team. I power leveled my guy tonight and reached 10. Also made him a set of special armor to boost his stats a bit. Next week he will be at least 15 for the secondary skill line.

As always, Some people will be doing the usual PvE runs.

Bump bump bump

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Will be on tonight for this

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Required Reading

Things to keep in mind in Cyrodiil.

  • You will die.
  • You will get run over by zergs (large group).
  • Cyrodiil PvP is not fair

Lala Pro Tips

Stick Together

  • This is the most important thing you can do when running with a group in PvP. Stick the fuck together. Don’t run away and leave your team mates. Stay together as a group!

Team Shoot!

  • The quickest way to kill enemies is if we all nuke them at the same time. Call out targets and fire on them. Randomally spamming abilities is useless. Focus fire, kill enemies, win fights!

Buy all the soul gems and fill them

  • You can revive dead team mates on the battlefield with Soul Gems. This is so incredibly helpful. This helps keep the group together and can also change the tide of a battle.

Buy Seige

  • Get a few Stone Trebuchets and a few Fire Ballistas. Both are very useful. Trebuchets to knock down walls, ballistas to kill enemies.

Keep comms open during fights.

  • Please refrain from nonsense while we fight. Bullshitting while we go from point to point is fine. Just keep the comms clear while fighting enemies.


  • No squirreling off.

I’ll check the guild bank tonight before we group. I know I saw siege weapons in there. And I’ll bring gold to buy more. I’m looking forward to this

You get 3000 AP points from the tutorial and can buy siege with that as well. We’ll probably only need a few. Still don’t have a head count for tonight. It would be nice to get an idea on numbers.


I will be there. I can run PVP if you need me otherwise I will just run with the PVE group if we have one.

There will be a PvE group running. Not sure who will all be there but I’m expecting the regulars. I’m running in PvP no matter how many show. We have 3 of us confirmed so far

Which Campaign are we joining for tonights venture?

Great run tonight, Guys! I’m pleasantly surprised at how well we did. We stuck together, we capped objectives and we killed enemy players. Did we get killed, sure that happens in Cyrodiil. I think DeSoldier called out 3 people, turned out to be 20+. I fall for that every time.

At least we gave more than we got. Looking forward to more Cyrodiil runs. Maybe we can get a few more GRG to join in.

@xxxNAILBUNNYxxx @deSoldier2001 @EnyoBellona @Sniper_T1


Yeah it was fun. I learned a lot on that run. Learned a lot about my toon. I would be more comfortable at 25, but doing that much damage at level 10-12 is impressive. I’m pleasantly surprised. Glad I made that set gear. I need to Learned a about the siege weapons and the siege merchants.