ESO - House Access for Guild Members


I’ve purchased, and am in the process of setting up, Sleek Creek House outside of Rawlka.
All Guild-mates are welcome visitors.

Advantages of this house: location, location, location -

Questing with the Dark Brotherhood and Theives Guilds - This house has clear, secure, quick access to the Rawlka Outlaw Refuge. When doing sprees for the DB you can steal to your hearts content, get bounties… flee the law and hide and then jump for free from behind any rock to the security of Sleek Creek and then run to the Refuge sell all your stuff and either pay off your bounty or go pick a fight with a guard… or sneak it away…

Crafting - Rawlka is probably one of the best and most convenient crafting cities in the game.

DPS Testing (near future) - as soon as I can figure out the logistics I’ll be adding a Veteran Boss level DPS Dummy to the Courtyard. From what I understand this will allow any guild member to drop by, attack the dummy, and see a visible read-out of their damage output in the text chat window.

There is also a personal banker and merchant already set up in the courtyard… but with the Outlaw Refuge so close it’s kinda moot.
I’ve been using the house mostly as a safe harbor post killing/stealing spree.
This helps me get to a fence to get my stolen goods out of my inventory before I get a bounty or get killed from a bounty I’ve already acquired.
Once you get into the refuge and get your business done you can just exit via the ladder and safely escape to the wayshrine right in the middle of town and get back to the Sanctuary or go anywhere else you need to go.

Hope you guys find as much use for it as I have.

—Oh, in case you don’t know… to get to my house for free, go to the menu, Social, Guilds, Roster, find my gamertag and visit my primary residence. —


I’m going to poop in your outhouse.

My house does as well. I also have a blacksmithing/clothing/woodworking/enchanting table available. I’m saving for a massive upgrade because this house won’t hold all my trophies.

I found this real useful when making my decisions… in case anyone else is shopping for property.

Fucking showoff neckbeard. #Tryhard!

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