ESO Lore - Down the Rabbit Hole (possible spoilers) - resources, links, speculations

So, @ezekielJP and I have been talking a lot about ESO Lore, and I know a few others get into this sort of stuff so I thought it’d be cool to have a thread where we could discuss lore questions and share resources we’ve read online (official or not).

Some of this stems from wondering why Azura seemed to be so angry with Vivec, but willing to help him at the same time. So I dove down that rabbit hole, and shared what I found with Zeke, as best I could recollect it. So I’m gonna kinda recount the high points here and link online resources for those who want to jump down the rabbit hole for themselves.

I asked: "How exactly did Vivec gain his Divinity? This is explored in the original Morrowind game, but if you are like me you got distracted with all the side missions and never finished the main questline. Well the succinct answer to this is “From the Heart of Lorkhan” which begs the new question, “What is the heart of Lorkhan”, which takes us to our first stop down the Rabbit Hole.
The ESO creation Myth:
Quick synopsis - There was a void (chaos), from this arose 2 “Forces” Anu (order) and Padomay (chaos).
Anu birthed a soul called Anui-El
Padomay birthed a soul called Sithis
Starting to sound somewhat familiar?
It is the interaction between Anui-El and Sithis which spawns and maintains the existence of the known universe (where Mundis and all planes of Oblivion exist) - Also called Aurbis.
From the Void of Aurbis which the first beings were formed (everything up to this point is a force of nature… a god force)
The first 2 beings were named Auri-El (birthed of the soul of Anui-El), and Lorkhan (birthed of the soul of Sithis)
Auri-El brought the concept of time into existence, this allowed the chaotic Aurbis to stabalize and many other et’Ada (Spirit Gods) were able to form their own identity.

That is who Lorkhan is… now here’s why Lorkhan is important.
The constant struggle of Anu and Padomay allowed the engine of creation to create many planes for these spirit gods to inhabit, but many of these gods were not content.
Lorkhan approached many of these spirit gods and proposed a plan to create their own plane, what would be called Mundus (where Tamriel is)
Lorkhan managed to convince many of his peers to join with him in his plan and they created their own “creation engine” the et’Ada (spirit gods) who helped Lorkhan create Mundus are what we know as Aedra (our Ancestors)…
All other et’Ada who did not help Lorhan (which there are many) are what we know of as Daedra (not our ancestors)

Long story longer: Far too late the et’Ada helping Lorkhan realized his sinister betrayal. They were the creation engine, and all of the et’Ada using creating Mundus were absorbed into the plane and snuffed from existence.

All except Lorkhan. But all that survived of Lorkhan was his heart, and the process turned his heart into an impenetrable gem which stored Lorkhan divine essence.
Many daedra (et’Ada) tried to destroy the heart unsuccessfully.
In the end the heart was cast into Mundus where it landed in what we know as Vvardenfell, and it created the volcano we know as Red Mountain.

I’ll try to make the bit on Vivec shorter here:
Vivec was a Chimer (ancient elf) general for a legendary military commander who fought the Dwemer named Indoril Nerevar (like the Neravarian)
Anyway, Dwemer threaten to build giant monster construct and power it with Lorkhan’s heart …
Nerevar attacks legends happen, Nerevar dies saving Nirn from certain destruction by the Dwemer (this is around the time the Dwemer mysteriously vanish too)
Nerevar does this with the help of Vivec, Almalexia, and Sotha Sil… disputes remain over whether the three actively participated in expediting Nerevar’s demise. (although it is less than likely)

What Vivec himself admits to is this much… He, Sotha Sil, and Amalexia made a sacred promise to Nerevar to protect and ensure that the divine energy was never released from the Heard, and that they (the generals) should take extreme measures to hide the dwemer tools which could be used to exploit the divine energy in the heart… and they all made this promise.

Years later Sotha Sil came to the group and revealed he had been experimenting with the heart and discovered how to safely transfer the divine energy to other vessels…
And so the Tribunal of Living Gods was Born.

Azura was enraged and cursed the Tribunal by promising that one day the spirit of Nerevar would return and destroy them all for their betrayal. Sotha Sil scoffed at this threat further enraging Azura and she turned the whole Chimer race of elves to Dunmer, forever to be marked as thieves and murderers, shunned by other elvish peoples.

Now remember, Azura is a Daedra, an et’Ada that did not participate in the creation of the Mundus with Lorkhan… but these creatures are all pretty much family… related to each other in spirit. From the same source. Vivec and the others stole their Divine Energy from a spirit god who had been weakened and made vulnerable by the creation of their own plane. This was the literal creator of their existence. They murdered their god to take its power, and that was Azura’s spiritual brother (not that she liked him or approved of his actions)

Some Dark shit…
So ends this dive down this rabbit hole for now.
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This is alot of info but enjoyable. I do like the ESO lore haha. So to get this straight… deadric werent always bad? Vivec is a self proclaimed God? Ancient ones pretty much fucked themselves? Is this the reason why all Elder Scrolls main characters are prisoners? So many questions lol…

So here’s the thing… All daedra aren’t bad… Azura is a good example.
She’s a solid hot ass sexy bitch, but she’s a madam with a heart of gold.
To say Daedra and Aedra isn’t to say “bad” and “good”…
Daedra generally means “not our ancestors”
Aedra generally means “our ancestors”
The reason I say generally is because there isn’t a good human concept for these words.
(this is stated in a book I read called “On Aedra and Daedra” in ESO)
Aedra and Daedra are both et’Ada. The only thing that sepeartes them is that the Aedra are et’Ada who were tricked into expending their divine energy into a creation engine so Lorkhan could create his very own plane of existence that wasn’t a part of the Aurbis.
Being of Sithis, Lorkhan was attempting to offset the stability Auri-El created when she created time. By creating Mundus Lorkhan hoped to use Time against Auri-El and turn her creation into a chaos engine…

So no, Daedra aren’t always bad. But they are always giants in the sand box.

Vivec is not a self procalimed god, he is a mortal who stole divine energy from the god who created Nirn / Mundus (where Tamriel is). The Dunmer elevated the Tribunal was elevated to godhood status by the tribes when they began showing off their divine powers and using them to mold Morrowind.

Well, when you say ancient ones? The dwemer? the ayelid? both of those species were ultimately responsible for their demise… but they weren’t lost as much as watered down until their races were no more. The ayelid are thought to have become the many houses of elves, and the dwemer… well… that gets a little more out there.

The Aedra aren’t “ancient ones” Aedra and Daedra aren’t physical beings, they are spirit gods… think Angels with god like powers. You can kill them in one form and their spirit just takes on another form. They are immortal, unless they convert their divine energy into something else… like a new plane of existence.

Main character is always a prisoner because fate has thrust them into an uncontrollable situation… and the easiest and most relate-able example of that is getting arrested… whether you did it or not…

So many questions isn’t a question, but I’ll answer it like it was a question and this is the answer.

Aren’t you happy you commented? :smiley:

Lol im going to flood this topic with eso lore questions haha… rabbit hole? I want to know more on the role of Wolves and Vampires and what they play in this world. Given we have gods, entities of nature and creators of chaos. How do these affect or tilt these factors?

Aaaaand you mentioned fate thrusting the main character into an uncontrollable situation but in Morrowind he had a purpose, something very controlled. He has to fight a God and ultimately defeat him. So would the main characters in Elder Scrolls be a major role in the “pre-existance”? I mean, it would make sense this would be the case because the objective is always to save the world but by doing so the whole elder scrolls world is changed into something either starting or unfolding.

Well on Werewolves and Vampires, that’s easy.

Both are diseases created for mortals by Daedra princes who wanted to fuck with mortals.
Some who are afflicted ask for it and volunteer themselves as devoted followers of either Hircine (Werewolves) or Molag Bal (Vampires).
There are legends to the genesis of both, but the easiest thing to remember is that Werewolves are cursed/blessed of Hircine (Daedric prince of the hunt)
Vampires are cursed/blessed of Molag Bal (Daedric Prince of Schemes)

In the original Morrowind you were thrust into a wholly uncontrollable situation. You spent the whole game learning that you were the reborn spirit of Nerevar… keep in mind from this perspective loss of control is equal to loss of choice… the thrusting of the character into a predestined course of action is the loss of personal control… it’s out of their hands and in the hands of the Daedra god pulling their string… who is you (the player).

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I’m currently in Clockwork city. I feel this DLC has no place in the lore. It makes absolutely no sense to Any of the story no matter how it’s defended. This is way too futuristic for ESO

While I don’t get all lore crazy like you guys, I didn’t care much for Clockwork City. It was ok but odd to get around in.

Currently banging out Morrowind (almost done on my NB) and I truly want to gank some dark elves. They’re a bunch of dicks.

I just finished Clockwork city. The story was weak and the map was repetitive. I’m still trying to figure out how this made it into the Eso universe in the first place. It’s just such an advanced civilization. I think if it was based around the Dwemmer it would have made more sense. But talking crows mixed with automotons is just baffling.

Yea, Sotha Sil is a sick puppy, imho. Unless I’m mistaken the Clockwork City is where Sotha Sil does all his experimentation with Daedric and Aedric energies. I haven’t palyed it yet, but Morrowind goes a long way into explaining sort of what the clockwork city is for and how it works and what not.
I need to get into that expansion.